H-AB; TH-AB; Wang-Nastansky, Pei: IM 2020 LOG - International Management, Groupware Competence Center, Paderborn 2020.

Logbook for module "International Management"

THEMES: H-AB\2020_SS | TH-AB\2020_SS | Wang-Nastansky, Pei\Teaching
META STRUCTURES: H-AB-IM-Wang-Nastansky | PWN\Teaching
YEAR: 2020
PERM. URL: http://gcc.upb.de/K-Pool/IM-2020


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IM 2020 LOG - International Management05.03.2020 14:55Angelika Bursig
Final Project Scope
Final Project (Pending, NO Decision POINT)

Project Scope and Scenario, Time-line, and Outline of the Final Project Report

(The finalization of the final assignment will be made official on 15.05.2020)
Project Scope
Country Assessment of either The United States or China
- at your free choice
Theme: "The Impact of the COVID-19 Crisis on Foreign Investment Opportunities in the Country"

  1. 23.06.2020 - Start submission of the Final Project Report
    - in order to have a free-mind to prepare for the exams in July, it is recommended that you may submit your Final Project Report before the last submission date.
  2. 30.07.2020 - Last submission date
Project Scenario

Put yourself in the role of an International Business Investment Consultant to choose one country of the two countries to invest in.
  • Based on your research and analysis, please offer recommendations to your client who has 15 million EURO to invest in one or two specific industry sectors.
    These can be: raw material, automotive, health care, IT, travel & tourism, real estate, financial services, and/or education services, and/or foods and agricultural commodities.
  • Develop a country investment environment evaluation and risks assessment
  • Appliy the knowledge you have learning during the semester in managing PEST risk while seizing opportunities
  • Final Project Report of 6-8 pages.
  • Use attributes given on Exhibit 1-4 -> Link: download presentations (login necessary).
  • See the next tab "Report Format & Co." for more detail.

Outline of the Final Project Report

1. Introduction of the country (Basic PEST Assessment).

2. Challenging and Changing aspects of PEST Analysis Amid the COVID-19 Crisis.
  • Impacts of COVID-19 on political, economical, socio-cultural, and technological and business and management challenges of (America or China).
  • Identify opportunities and Manage Risks of potential investment options in the chosen industry.

3. Future Investment Aspects: Proposal for sustainable investment strategies in the country in the next 3-5 years.