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The Dawn of the E-Lance Economy

THEMES: Malone, Thomas W. | Laubacher, R. J.
1999TIME: 1999
The PIF Process Interchange Format and Framework

THEMES: Lee, Jintae | Gruninger, Michael | Jin, Yan | Malone, Thomas W. | Tate, Austin | Yost, Gregg
1996LABEL: WAGS | Workflow
PLACES: Cambridge, MA USA
THINGS: Dissertation GR | Geschäftsprozeßmodellierung | Process Model
TIME: 1996
Software tools for a Process Handbook

THEMES: Bernstein, A. | Dellarocas, Chrysanthos | Malone, Thomas W. | Quimby, John
1995TIME: 1995
Tools for inventing organizations: Toward a handbook of organizational processes

THEMES: Malone, Thomas W. | Crowston, Kevin | Lee, Jintae | Pentland, Brian
1993THINGS: Coordination Science | Organization Database
TIME: 1993
What is coordination theory and how can it help design cooperative systems?

THEMES: Malone, Thomas W. | Crowston, Kevin
PLACES: New York
THINGS: Coordination Science | Dissertation GR
TIME: 1990
Semistructured Messages are Surprisingly Useful for Computer-Supported Coordination

THEMES: Malone, Thomas W. | Grant, K. | Lai, K.-Y. | Rao, R. | Rosenblitt, D.
THINGS: DFG_MessageObj | Dissertation GR | Message Objects | Message Systems
TIME: 1987
The interdisciplinary study of coordination

THEMES: Malone, Thomas W. | Crowston, Kevin
THINGS: Coordination Science | Dissertation GR
TIME: 1994
How will Information Technology Reshape Organizations? - Computers as Coordination Technology

THEMES: Malone, Thomas W. | Rockart, John F.
PLACES: Boston
THINGS: Coordination Science | Dissertation GR | Globalization
TIME: 1993
Experiments with Oval - A Radically Tailorable Tool for Cooperative Work

THEMES: Malone, Thomas W. | Fry, Ch. | Lai, K.-Y.
PLACES: Los Angeles
TIME: 1992
Electronic markets and electronic hierarchies

THEMES: Malone, Thomas W. | Yates, J. | Benjamin, R. I.
THINGS: Dissertation GR | Electronic Commerce | Koordinierungsmodell
TIME: 1987