H-AB; Wang-Nastansky, Pei: International Management: LOG, Groupware Competence Center, Paderborn 2018.

Logbook for module "International Management"

THEMES: H-AB\2018_SS | Wang-Nastansky, Pei\Teaching
META STRUCTURES: H-AB-IM-Wang-Nastansky | PWN\Teaching
YEAR: 2018
PERM. URL: http://gcc.upb.de/K-Pool/IM-18
Country Assessment
Team Country Report
Please choose one region from the following
        Regional Groupings
          1. East Africa: Kenya, Ghana, Botswana OR Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania
          2. South America: Brazil, Chile, Argentina
          3. Central and Eastern Europe: Czech Republic, Poland, Russia
          4. South eastern Europe: Hungary, Greece & Turkey
          5. Middle East: Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait
          6. South Asia: Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka
          7. South East Asia: Vietnam, Brunei, Cambodia
          8. Oceania: Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines
          9. East Asia: Japan, South Korea, Singapore

          ** Do not chose Western European Countries for this project
        Team Country Report Presentation
        • Scenario: Put yourself in a role of international business investment consultants to choose one country out of 3 to invest:
        • Based on your research and analysis, offer recommendations to your client one or two specific industry sectors regarding investment: this can be in raw material, manufacturing and construction, services, and/or intellectual services industry (e.g. media, education, research and development).
        • Presentation Guidelines:
          1. Conduct a risk analysis in each countries' foreign investment environments based on EXHIBIT 1-4 on Page 52 of "Deresky (2014): International Management: Managing Across Borders and Cultures" as content guideline of your presentation;
          2. Focus on Economical, Technological, and Political issues: differences and similarities
          3. Among the three countries, which country and which industry sector you would invest in? Why?
          4. Integrate Business Behavior Briefing: you may use "Kiss, Bow or Shake Hands" book or do individual research, e.g. via http://www.kwintessential.co.uk/resources/country-profiles.html).
            • 3 most important business meeting etiquette in each country
            • 3 tips for marketing & selling OR business negotiation in each country
          5. 30 - 35 minutes each team.
          6. 3 people in one team
          7. For 2-people team, please do 20-25 minutes presentation
          8. You may use PowerPoint or Prezi