Abramowicz, Witold; BIS: BIS 2004 - 7th International Conference on Business Information Systems, BIS 2004, Poznań, Poland, April 21-23 2004, The Poznań University of Economics, Department of Management Information Systems, Poznań, Poland 2004.

THEMES: Abramowicz, Witold | BIS
YEAR: 2004
BIS CfP 2004.pdf
"Witold Abramowicz" <W.Abramowicz@kie.ae.poznan.pl>
24.06.2003 15:06
"Ludwig Nastansky" <NastansL@notes.uni-paderborn.de>

BIS2004 Call for Papers

Dear Prof. Nastansky,

it is high time we started the promotion of BIS 2004. As a Member
of the Program Committee, your help in achieving a highly attended
conference is most valuable. I would like you to contact your
colleagues, peers, and associates, and send them information about
forthcoming event, and encourage them to consider submitting their
quality work to BIS 2004.

I would also like to personally invite you to consider submitting
your own work to BIS 2004. All information regarding conference
sessions can be found at the frequently updated website at

Your assistance and support in making BIS 2004 a huge success is
greatly valued!

Please distribute this call to any of your colleagues who might be

Best wishes,
Witold Abramowicz

Witold Abramowicz
BIS2004 Program Committee Chair

Department of Management Information Systems
The Poznan University of Economics
Al. Niepodleglosci 10
60-967 Poznan, Poland
Tel +48 61 856 9333 Fax +48 61 856 9334

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