GCC Teaching: 052404 LOG Information Management: eSpace Concepts, Groupware Competence Center, Paderborn 2003.

Log of the course eSpace Concepts

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YEAR: 2003


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052404 LOG Information Management: eSpace Concepts28.08.2003 14:02Karin Heyen
General Information
Final assessment
The final computer based assessment will take place on Monday, 2004-03-01, 16:00-18:30, Rooms H5.221 and H5.231. The assessment consists of 60 questions, the duration is 60 minutes. Each question will either be multiple choice (1 to 4 correct choices out of 4 available choices) or fill in the blank. The language of the exam is English. You will use a standard PC and an internet browser in the PC-Lab of the Fakultät Wirtschaftswissenschaften (building H, 5th floor) to answer the questions.

Installation Notes Client
We recommend that you start using the Lotus Notes 6.5 Client as soon as possible to become familiar with it's features and functionality.
You can find an installation guide here:
Installation of IBM Lotus Notes 6 (not available in English)
Information about the Notes Client and the Notes ID is available in the "Material" area of this log.

Support Notes installation
If you have any difficulties with the installation and configuration of your Notes Client, that cannot be solved after reading the Installation of IBM Lotus Notes 6 document, you can request technical support via E-Mail to the following address:
"LV-Support@WIUNIPB" (Notes Mail)
"LV-Support@notes.upb.de" (Internet Mail)
Alternatively, you can call the GCC computer lab in room E5.318 every workday from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. The phone number is 05251 - 60 - 3367.

Linux Client
The Lotus Notes 6 Client is not available for the Linux operating system. I might be possible to use it within a Vine environment. This worked at least for the Notes 5 Release of the Client. We do not have experiences with Vine and the Notes 6 Client. Please discuss technical details in the Winfo-Portal-Community using the Winfo-Foren.