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YEAR: 2003

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Latest news
2004-03-09 Exam Results
The exam results can be found in the GCC Teaching Roadmap. You can have a look at your exam on 2004-04-13, 14:00 - 15:00, Room E5.333.

2004-02-26 Self Assessment
The self assessment for the first chapter (Introduction to eSpace Concepts) is now available. More questions will be added subsequently during the next days.
The purpose of the self assessment is to familiarize yourself with the assessment software and review the content of the lecture for yourself. You should use the lecture material published in this log to prepare yourself for the final assessment. It is strongly recommended that you use the self assessment only at the end of your preparation phase, and only to identify areas of weakness. Do not use it to learn new material.
Please keep in mind that the questions have been created by your fellow students. The questions in the final assessment will be different.
To start the assessment, just type your last name into the login box. Please enter "eSpace" as the groupname. Take the "Self-test eSpace Concepts BEGIN HERE" test first. This test will explain how to use the test software. After that, you can continue with the eSpace Concepts self assessments. Please do not get confused by the existence of the eSpaces 2 self assessment. This is the self assessment of another course.
The software officially supports all common browsers. However, problems with the Netscape 7 browser have been reported.

2004-02-24 Results assignment 2, 3, final admission
The result lists of assignment 2 and 3, as well as the final admission list are available in the assignment results area of this log. Please carefully check the list of names. It is your responsibility to contact Ingo Erdmann immediately and clarify any issues.

2004-02-03 New date, time, and location for the omitted lecture from February 01 2004
The lecture will take place on February 04 2004 5 p.m. in room H5.

2004-02-01 Extended deadline for assignment 3
The deadline for assignment 3 is extended for those teams that have sent questions to Ingo Erdmann or Prof. Nastansky and have not received any response so far.

2004-01-28 Lecture next week
The lecture on Feb. 2nd will focus on a wrap up and summary of the course of this semester.

2004-01-15 Change in assignment 3 wording
Students do not have the appropriate access rights to modify the existing workgroup documents in the Organization Database. Therefore, the process of assigning team members to workgroups has been redefined. This is the new section about the Organization Database part of the assignment:
"Every student has to create a person document in the Organization Database for himself/herself. This person has to be assigned to the appropriate workgoup. Therefore, the team has to create a workgroup document and assign the team members as members of the workgroup. Name the workgroup using your team number. Workgroup names should look like this: "Team 01", "Team 02" etc.
One of the team members has to be defined as the workgroup manager."
All existing workgroup documents have been deleted. Please create a new one for your team. For the full assignment text please refer to the general information section of Jan. 5th.

2004-01-13 Guest Presentation
In the session on Jan. 26th we will have a guest presentation by Olaf Hahnl about portal technologies. Additionally, there will be a live video conference from Lotusphere in Orlando, USA.

2004-01-08 Registration List
The "Prüfungssekretariat" has published the registration list for eSpace concepts. Please check the list for your name and contact the Prüfungssekretariat to clarify any issues with the list.
Please note that you have to be on that list and successfully submit all 3 assignments to qualify to participate in the final assessment.

2004-01-05 Assignment 3
You will find instructions for assignment 3 in the general information section of Jan. 5th.

2003-12-01 Assignment 2
You will find instructions for assignment 2 in the general information section of Dec. 1st.

2003-12-01 Team lists published
The registered students have been randomly put into teams of 3 people. The teammembers must work together for assignment 2 and 3. Please check the team list and try to contact your teammates to coordinate the assignments. You will find the contact information in the eSpace community profile you filled out for assignment 1.

2003-11-24 Important: Please re-enter Student ID
In assignment 1, you entered your personal information into your eSpace community profile. Due to a technical issue, this information was not saved to the profile. To ensure proper exam registration, please visit the community and re-enter your student ID as soon as possible. We apoligize for this inconvenience.

2003-11-23 Result assignment 1
The result list of assignment 1 is available in the assignment results area of this log. Please check the list of names that successfully completed assignment 1. If you sent in your assignment but do not find your name on the list, it is your responsibility to contact Ingo Erdmann immediately and clarify the issue.

2003-11-23 Course registration form
To officially register for the course and earn credit points, the "Prüfungssekretariat" requires a signed paper based form. The registration period for eSpace Concepts is from 2003-11-24 to 2003-12-05. Please do not register with the "Prüfungssekretariat" directly. As this is a project course, please turn in the signed form to the GCC secretary in Room E5.323 during the official opening hours.
The form is available for download from the "Material" area of this log.
Please keep in mind that additional prerequisites apply for earning credit points in this course. You have to finish all 3 assignments in time. It is your responsibility to check the assignment results and admission lists for your name.

2003-11-10 Installation Guide updated
The Installation Guide is now updated for Version 6.5

2003-11-09 Configuring Lotus Notes 6.5
We provide an Installation Guide for the Lotus Notes Client. It is located on the CD and it is linked in this log. This Installation Guide covers the installation process of the Lotus Notes 6.0 Client. In this course, we use the Lotus Notes 6.5 Client version. Therefore, the Installation Guide does not present the installation process exactly as it will occur during the Notes Client setup. If you encounter any difficulties, please wait until an updated version of the Installation Guide will be available or contact the support (outlined below).
Additional information: The address of the Sametime Server is: pbwi2st.uni-paderborn.de

2003-10-28 Support Notes installation
If you have any difficulties with the installation and configuration of your Notes Client, that cannot be solved after reading the Installation of IBM Lotus Notes 6 document, you can request technical support via E-Mail to the following address:
"LV-Support@WIUNIPB" (Notes Mail)
"LV-Support@notes.upb.de" (Internet Mail)
Alternatively, you can call the GCC computer lab in room E5.318 every workday from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. The phone number is 05251 - 60 - 3367.

2003-10-27 Guest Presentation
On December 1st, there will be a guest presentation with the title "Introduction to mobile Service Concepts" by Accenture. Everyone is invited to participate.

2003-10-27 Notes ID an Notes Client
New Information about the Notes Client and the Notes ID is available in the "Material" area of this log.

2003-10-23 Final assessment
The final computer based assessment will take place on Monday, 2004-03-01, 16:00-18:30, Rooms H5.221 and H5.231. The assessment consists of 60 questions, the duration is 60 minutes. Each question will either be multiple choice (1 to 4 correct choices out of 4 available choices) or fill in the blank. The language of the exam is English. You will use a standard PC and an internet browser in the PC-Lab of the Fakultät Wirtschaftswissenschaften (building H, 5th floor) to answer the questions.

2003-10-20 Start time of the course
Due to a vote in today's class, the course will start at 18:00, starting on October 27th.