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YEAR: 1999
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PLACES: Paderborn
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Profile Information Marcus Ott
Marcus Ott, Ph.D.
Research Assistant

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My Ph.D. work and current research projects

At the Department of Information Technology and Business Computing lead by Prof. Dr. Ludwig Nastansky, my Ph.D. program mainly concentrates on the area of Office and Workflow Management. The increasing importance of "time" as new factor of competition puts "Document and Workflow Management" into the foreground of todays Business Reengineering discussions. Howerver, experience shows that an isolated employment of these new technologies without a suitable design of organizational structures will not lead to the desired results. New visions and practical architecture concepts and technologies for organizational design in flexible environments are necessary.

My Ph.D. project takes care of these problems and develops the conceptual basis of GroupOrga, a new and team-oriented, Groupware-based organization design method. Traditional forms of organizational design are examined and based on these findings innovative aspects of a design process by and with the groups involved will be developed. Several publications and white papers are available on the topics of organizational design in teams (GroupOrga) and office systems and document management.

If you are interested in this work, please do not hesitate to contact me. I would be happy to get into discussions and send you further and more detailed information about this topic.

Further interests

After finishing High School which included visits to Moscow and studying in New York State, I commenced my studies at the University of Paderborn. While studying in Paderborn, I took classes in Business Computing, Computer Science and Strategic Management and graduated with a Master's degree. During this time I worked several times in a consulting company and as a student assistant at the faculty of Prof. Dr. Nastansky in Paderborn. During 1994, I studied for 2 semesters in the MBA program at the Monash Mt. Eliza Business School, Monash University, Melbourne. While in Australia, I worked as a network administrator for the Novell network at the Monash University Halls of Residence. I have been a reserach assistant in Prof. Dr. Ludwig Nastansky's group since December 1994 until 1999.

My private interests are different sports, such as swimming, scuba diving, squash and badminton. Other activities are running, bicycle riding and a bit of skiing. I also do a lot of reading or meeting friends which I consider to be important after having worked in front of a computer for a whole day.

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