Tulisalo, Tommi; Cawthorne, Edward; Czernel, Jonathan; Hertenstein, Bradley; Reed, Kenneth; IBM: Patterns: Custom Designs for Domino and WebSphere Integration, IBM Corporation 2003.

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YEAR: 2003

p 141
In the e-shop application, Domino provides the static pages of the Domino-based Web site,
including access to the active product catalog. Domino also serves as the platform for the
Domino.Doc system. The Domino.Doc system and the Domino server it runs on are already a
part of the IT environment. A separate Domino server is added to support the static Web site
pages and the active product catalog. Having two servers simplifies the management of the
very different security requirements of these two functional areas. The Domino Web server
resides in the second demilitarized zone while the Domino.Doc server resides in the internal
network environment