GCC Teaching; Wang-Nastansky, Pei: W2540: SIBMMC LOG Lecture 2019 "Sustainable International Business Management in Multinational Corporations", Groupware Competence Center, Paderborn 2019.

Logbook of Module W2540 in SS 2019

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YEAR: 2019
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W2540: SIBMMC LOG Lecture 2019 "Sustainable International Business Management in Multinational Co...20.02.2019 11:04Angelika Bursig

LOG lectures/seminars
Modul W2540: Sustainable International Business Management in Multinational Corporations
Topics / Media
General Introduction / Q&A
Hide details for OrganizationOrganization
  • Introduction / Allgemeine Einführung
  • Organization Protocol / Vorstellung der organisatorischen Regelungen
  • Clarifying Open Questions and registration status / Klärung von Fragen zum Ablauf und Anmeldestand
  • Schedule block seminar / Ablauf Blockseminar:
    Seminar sessions: 09:00 - 17:00h
    #1 Fri 21.04.
    #2 Sat 22.04.
    #3 Fri 28.04.
    #4 Fri 05.05.
    #5 Fri 12.05. - 9:00-12:00h Q&A
    #6 Fri 19.05. - 9:00-17:00h Final seminar for presentation of semester project (Part II Final Case Analysis)
    # Tue 06.06. Due date for hand-in Final Written Report
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  • Team Building/Selbständige Teambildung
    Please find a partner for further teamwork.
Hide details for Questions:Questions:
  • For General questions regarding the module,
    please eMail Prof. Dr. Pei Wang-Nastansky (
    PWN [at] gcc.upb.de)

PART 1 - The Global Manager's Environment
  • Chapter 1: The Globalization and International Management
  • Chapter 2: Managing Independence: Social Responsibilities and Ethics
I . Organization:
  • Reminder - Part I Country Assessment Presentation - 27..04.
  • Final Presentation date - 10.05..
II. PART 1 - The Global Manager's Environment (continue)
  • Sustainability 1.0

III. Case Study
  • Negotiation Role Play

Home Assignment
  • Home Assignment - Case study - "Alibaba" (article No. 1 in Tab "The Economist" from Media/Resources - Link: download presentations (login necessary).
  • Your thoughts & idea of the future sustainable business model(s) of China Foxconn & APPLE?

picture sources:
http://www.theoffside.com/files/2010/09/simpsons_handshake.jpg downloaded on 30.03.2012

I. Parrt 2. The Cultural Context of Global Management
  • Chapter 3: Understanding the role of Culture in International Negotiation
II. Part 2: The Cultural Context of Global Management
  • Chapter 4: Communicating Across Cultures
  • SPECIAL THEME - "Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands?"

  • ..
  • I. PART 2 (continued)

    II. Current Issues: Sustainability 2.0 - Prezi Presentation

    III. Case study - Patagonia Story-
    1. please read Nr. 3. (login needed) in -> Media/Resource Log Link: (login necessary)
    2. New CEO
    3. Anti Materialism

      1. When was it founded? Who had founded the company?
      2. What is its core business?
      3. How is the financial performance today?
      4. What are their recent sustainability activities, campaigns, and marketing events?
      5. Give three examples of business principles or practices that are new to you or considered as innovative/creative actions?

    IV. Student Presentation of Country Assessment
    • Each team presentation 30 minutes
    • Core Challenges in developing a sustainable, long-term international management environment

    Formulating and Implementing Strategy for International and Global Operations .
    Takeover Could Signal New Strategy for China ..

    II . PART 4: Global Human Resources Management ..
    IV. Team presentation of final semester project

    "Three words stick in my head: quality, innovation and simplicity. Consumers questioning whether they really need something leads to buying things that last a long time and can be recycled. That’s quality. Innovation is replacing an old technology that is polluting or inefficient with a better one. The last word is simplicity. Our philosophy here at Patagonia has always been that a product is perfected not when you can’t add anything more to it, but when you can’t take anything away. As a general philosophy of life, we should work toward simplicity rather than increased complexity. " - Yvon Chouinard, the founder of Patagonia, Inc, 2013

    II. Financing vs. Micro-Financing

    III. NYC - A Sustainable Place? http://prezi.com/s_5llmw-4f4_/nyc-is-it-sustainable/

    • Due date for hand-in Final Written Report via mail.