GCC Teaching: 052445 LOG eSpace Concepts 1. LOG of the course, Groupware Competence Center, Paderborn 2002.

Log of the course eSpace Concepts 1

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YEAR: 2002
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PLACES: Paderborn
TIME: 2002
Covered Topics
Database 'GCC K-Pool', View '1.0.1 All Authors (Intranet)', Document '2 General Session: Building the Connected Business' LeBlanc, Robert: 2 General Session: Building the Connected Business, IBM, Vienna, 2002
Database 'GCC KM - Knowledge Pool', View '1.0.1 All Authors (Intranet)', Document 'Building the Next Generation of E-Business' Mills, Steve: Building the Next Generation of E-Business. IBM Developer Conference 2001. San Francisco

Standard eSpace Clients: Web Applications

Example Websites:

What can you do with an eSpace Client (e. g. Web-Browser) within an eSpace?
    • Navigate
    • Perform actions- Use functionality of the respective eBusiness application
      • Order goods
      • Check account balance
      • Fill in profile information (Personalization)
      • Create discussion topics

    Important things a user should think about when using eBusiness applications:
    • How is access to private data protected?
    • What is the privacy policy of the vendor and how does the company treat my private data?
    • Which security architectures does the application offer?
    • Is encryption used to protect sensitive data?
    • Which functionality does the application offer and do I need this functionality?
    • How does navigation work? E. g. is the maintenance of bookmarks possible. Do i know how to find relevant information?
    • Is it possible to contribute to the functionality. E. g. by creating discussion contributions?
      • Can text be formatted?
      • Can files be uploaded?
      • Is it possible to edit contributions?

    What is the bottleneck/critical production factor in modern electronic work and office environments?
    • The bottleneck is not the physical resources (hardware, bandwidth etc.). The bottleneck is the e-worker's capability to organize information and bring it into context.