GCC Events: Updating the WebSite: The Nov-1999 and June-2000 transitions 2000.

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YEAR: 2000
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LABEL: WebSite
ORGANIZATIONS: GCC - Groupware Competence Center
THINGS: Design | Meeting
TIME: 2000

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Website @ GCC: The Nov-1999 and June-2000 transistions


The WebSite of the Groupware Competence Center has a reached a new level in its perpertual development stages. It has completely been restructured on the backend side as well as on the user frontend. All previous content has been preserved in the transformation processes.

- The greatest change took place at the backend side, with respect to re-organizing content delivery: The GCC WebSite has been re-architectured as an integrated intranet-extranet-internet workflow solution. All content is continually created in ordinary office-workflows on the intranet side by all GCC-members comprising textual, tabular, and multimedia based content. Many of the content objects are being pushed or pulled out of the web and put into specific GCC-related information-context if applicable.

Technically, the GCC-WebSite is enabled by the 'Espresso Enterprise' (rel. 4.5c) knowledge management framework, developed and marketed by our GCC-partner Pavone.

But as everyone knows, especially in Groupware, one of the most crucial points is the enacting part within a team-based organization. Thus, the foremost reason for embedding the GCC-WebSite into Espresso has been to glue together our internet presentation much closer to our operational office workflows. (The workflow management within GCC has been successfully based on Espresso (and its predecessor system) for about 8 years.)

- On the frontend side we have a much faster access concept for our operational content by giving priority to content before (all too graphical) layout. This might change in the future. But, currently many of our German partners have only modem-based access, or, our international partners are experiencing clogged internet lines. All this penalizes heavy use of graphics. (Our Domino server definitely is NOT the bottleneck, maybe only sometimes).

We do know for sure that many of our devoted GCC WebSite visitors will miss that extra touch on the GCC HomePage which has made our WebSite famous in its first two years of existence. For all these admirers we still preserve that wonderful animation of integrated office workflow management for the nomadic user, between home, the workplace, the shop-floor, somewhere on the road, and the world. Just click here (... since a couple of weeks even with success) and still have that good old touch & feel - but beware, loading time!

15-June-2000 - Ludwig Nastansky


And here is how it is happening all over again:

The Nov-1999 transition

After some 8 nights' work with their boss GCC web engineers Thomas Bruse and Harald Gabriel let agents do their transformation job in Nov. 1999. The dramatic moments ...

Well, not all too dramatic though.
The June-2000 transition

Firstly: thanks to the GCC Web Team (still with a black hole for our excellent layouter, though) ! Secondly: thanks again to the team - we were christened WebSite of the week, even amongst strongest competition!