H-AB; Wang-Nastansky, Pei: Case Studies International Management: LOG, Groupware Competence Center, Paderborn 2016.

LOGbook for module "Case Studies International Management"

THEMES: H-AB\2016_SS | Wang-Nastansky, Pei\Teaching
META STRUCTURES: H-AB-IM-Wang-Nastansky | PWN\Teaching
YEAR: 2016
1st Case Report
1st Case Report Topics and Guidelines

(Paper and Presentation Due on Tuesday, 03.05.2016 )
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      1. Coca Cola's labor practices in Colombia and environment & product issues in India
      2. Chiquita vs. Dole and Del Monte: Environmental and sustainability issues
      3. Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) and Fukushima nuclear plant: Environmental and managerial issues.
      4. Wal-Mart's sustainability efforts and its expansion in China and Africa
      5. VW and its Diesel Engine
      6. The German Automotive Industry's impact on social and environmental challenges - Is there growing market for greener and smaller cars?
      7. Google’s Country Experiences: China, Japan, and Germany
      8. Starbucks' Global Expansion - Is it sustainable?
      9. Ikea and sustainability
      10. Ebay in Japan: Strategic and Cultural Missteps.

      Additional Topics:
      1. HSBC Private Banking CSR Scandal - Tax-dodging scheme for wealthy customers across Europe, Asia, North and South Americas.
      2. Nestlé baby milk scandal, and its CSR strategies and activities
      3. The Bribery Scandal at Siemens AG in 2006 -2007. What type of Business and image Siemens AG is trying to build today?
Outline of the Case Analysis report
Report: 15 - 20 pages report per team
Presentation: 3 people in a team, 45 mins. per team, 15 minutes per team member
In a 2 people team, total presentation time 30 mins.
      1. Executive Summary of the Company
      • History
      • Product(s) & Service(s)
      • Current business strategy & financial status

      2. Issues in Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability
      • Case description
      • Ethical, social, and/or environmental violations, and/or cultural challenges
      • Reactions and actions from the company
      • Results

      3. Conclusion
      • Did the company take appropriate steps and actions?
      • What would you do differently?
      • Proposal for future sustainable strategies