Balzer, Valentin; GCC Awards; DNUG: Personal Digital Assistants in Process-driven Enterprise Sales Systems: Concepts, Solutions, Business Value - Master Thesis 2000.

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YEAR: 2000

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Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) are used by sales people to store and access personal information when out of their offices. Sales information systems are designed to support sales people with all the information they need when dealing with their customers. Integrated workflow management features automate processes in the sales departments. The diploma thesis shows concepts and solutions for integrating PDAs into sales processes and how to get business value out of them.

Today's technology provides systems to distribute corporate information to PDAs and get field information back from them. The small size makes PDAs easy to manage anywhere and anytime but also restricts them in their data storage capacities and data input facilities. Integrating PDAs into corporate workflow environments means finding concepts and solutions which distribute a minimum of information to the right people at the right time, but also provide these people with all the corporate information they need for their work. It also means processing the returning information automatically without manual intervention. In a sales department integration of PDAs could speed up the sales processes and could help the sales person to keep up-to-date when on the road.

The presentation deals with the use and the benefits of PDAs in sales departments. It shows the concepts of integrating PDAs into the IT-infrastructure and especially into process-driven sales systems. It provides concepts for distributing corporate sales-specific information to such devices.