Nastansky, Ludwig; Pavone AG: Digitales Identitätsmanagement - fundamental mehr als User-Id & Passwort, Groupware Competence Center, University of Paderborn, Paderborn - Potsdam 2002.

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YEAR: 2002

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Digitales Identitätsmanagement
  • 1 Vision
  • 2 CCC in e-Biz
  • 3 Tools, Solutions, Applications

3 Tools, Solutions, Applications
    3. Tools, Solutions, Applications ...
    ... for flexible & integrative management of e-identities
  • UI-Konzepte
    'cockpit' Database 'GCC KM - Knowledge Pool', View '1.0.1 All Authors (Intranet)', Document '2 GCC Strategic Orientation: Contextual Collaboration in e-Business'
  • Data Administration
    'organizational-modeling' Organisation FB5, 'identity synchronization' GCC-OF Office
  • Knowledge Management
    'connect people to topics to times to locations ...'
  • Project- and Workflow-Management
    'integrated process management' Database 'GCC KM - Knowledge Pool', View '1.0.1 All Authors (Intranet)', Document 'GroupProcess: Using Process Knowledge from the Practical Operation of Ad Hoc Processes for the Participative Design of Structu' > PAVONE'next architecture
    Database 'GCC-TR Transakt. & Projekt', View '5.1 Berichte - Gliederung', Document 'Vorschlag PCS von Björn Reinhold' PAVONE'next