Ferstl, Otto K.; Sinz, Elmar J.: Multi-layered development of business process models and distributed business application systems - An object-oriented approach, in: Bamberger Beiträge zur Wirtschaftsinformatik 1994.

THEMES: Ferstl, Otto K. | Sinz, Elmar J.
YEAR: 1994
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THINGS: Dissertation GR
TIME: 1994

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    A business application system is considered distributed if the execution of its tasks is split into multiple
    concurrent processes, running on multiple processors as task bearers. We look at the distribution of
    tasks from an application domain viewpoint which focuses on objectives of distribution such as total
    quality and integration of business application systems. In order to aim at these objectives and to
    develop the full potential of distributing a business application system, it is necessary to start with the
    concurrent business processes which will be supported by the application system.
    Conventional approaches to application systems development rarely address this issue. In this paper we
    propose an approach for the development of distributed business application systems which is based on
    business process modeling. Object-oriented concepts are used as universal enabling techniques. The
    approach is part of the Semantic Object Model (SOM), a comprehensive object-oriented approach for
    analysis and design of business informations systems and specification of business application systems.