Lotus; Rooney, John; Torres, Elias: AD506: Beyond Instant Messaging- Next Generation Applications with SameTime, Lotus, Orlando 2002.

THEMES: Lotus\Lotusphere_200... | Rooney, John | Torres, Elias
YEAR: 2002
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LABEL: Lotus SameTime
PLACES: Orlando
THINGS: Instant Messaging
TIME: 2002

Use SameTime for push via WebSite: User channel established, use for engaging in real-time messaging modes
Server-initiation of communication
Enable richt UIs via exisitng channel and sending xml
Applications are sleeping and are triggered y a real-time message
IBM research initiative "SASH"
Sametime Bots: Example for dialogue

Blue Pages: LDAP queries on the fly | create Notes mail out of address-query
Buddy list
Bot does stock inquiry and renders in an interactive interface via Sametime enabled channel
Workflow Applications

More than just chat
- People to People | People to Application | Application to People | Application to Application