Lotus; Yates, Robert: AD309 Lotus workplace People and community, IBM Software Group, Orlando 2004.

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YEAR: 2004
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LABEL: Community | Lotusphere | Lotus Workplace
PEOPLE: Yates, Robert
THINGS: People
TIME: 2004
AD309 Lotus Workplace People and Communities (web link)
Speaker: Robert Yates
DL S. Hemisphere I-II - Wednesday 8:30am - 9:45am

People are at the heart of any collaboration framework. This presentation outlines the technical direction and integration of the previously disparate "people" components, i.e. the personal address book, the Sametime contact list, the people finder portlet, and the person tag. Then we'll discuss how people collaborate with shared team resources using a Lotus Workplace concept called "Community," used throughout Lotus Workplace to support the way people work together in teams. We'll also demonstrate some practical applications of these concepts.***