Tomlinson, Anne: Stop Press! Technical Intro to Domino Workflow version 2.1 for Lotus & IBM Business Partners! 2000.

THEMES: Tomlinson, Anne
YEAR: 2000
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TIME: 2000

Stop Press! Technical Intro to Domino Workflow version 2.1 for Lotus & IBM Business Partners!

On Sunday 24th September (the day before Business Development Day at Lotusphere, Berlin) the Domino Workflow team and a leading member of the development team will run a technically focused, half day event at the ICC in Berlin, Germany, to give partners hands-on practice with and the opportunity to ask questions about the new version 2.1 Domino Workflow product.

We would like you to bring your laptop along with you and have a Domino Server and Notes Client (both version 4.6x and above) running on your machine. We will then take you step-by-step through the installation process of Domino Workflow, the objective being that you leave the session with a fully functioning and running demonstration. However, if you just want to come along and watch the experts in action then you will, of course, be very welcome!

Your registration can be made on Due to logistics, this event is being run on a first come, first served basis, so if you are interested in attending please register NOW as numbers have to be limited to 100.

Target Audience:All Lotus and IBM technical business partners who want to be able to load and correctly demo the Domino Workflow version 2.1 product
Programme Objectives:This half day, technically focused programme aims to give Lotus business partners an understanding of the components of the Domino Workflow Product and how to build a small application based on what you are shown. You will have a working demo that you can take away you to refer to when you are creating your own applications.
Programme Includes:
  • Recap of key strategy messages and objectives
  • Domino Workflow
      • Features and functions
      • Architecture
      • Installation and setup procedures with "tips and tricks"
      • Basic notions of customisation and integration
  • Demo contents
  • Pointers to other technical resources
  • Surprise gift from the team

Wolfgang Hilpert, Director of Domino Workflow, will contribute to the interactive Q&A, and Steffan Giffers, a senior Domino Workflow developer, will deliver the API presentation.

For further information, please contact Anne Tomlinson -, or tel +44 (0) 1784 445311.