CONVEA: Web-based Groupware 2003.

YEAR: 2003
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LABEL: Collaboration | Groupware
PLACES: London
THINGS: Conferencing | File Sharing | Instant messaging | Web
The Convea Vision

Experience The Convea VisionImagine a workplace where colleagues on opposite ends of the world collaborate in real-time to share files and ideas, where information is always a single click away, and managers can access customer and employee data from virtually anywhere.

One of the fastest trends among organizations today is the adoption of knowledge management, employee collaboration, and information dissemination tools known collectively as groupware. Groupware allows employees and project teams to rapidly share information, schedules, files and ideas on demand via a simple common web interface.

An individual with a specific problem to solve, for example, can search for a solution within the organizational Knowledge Base to see whether a colleague performed the work in the past, potentially saving hours in duplicating the effort. Instant Messaging, Conferencing, and Discussion Group features provide multiple communication channels for teams to share ideas effectively, regardless of geographical location. File Management utilities present teams with a common work area to exchange documents when collaborating on a project. Such features combine to provide employees with an efficient structure for completing the tasks that they perform on a daily basis.

Convea's comprehensive groupware solution provides all of the above and more - clearly illustrating how working smarter, not harder, is the most effective way to improve productivity, collaboration, and communication within an organization.

As organizations worldwide look to enhance the ways in which information is shared and decisions are made across their businesses, many of them are embracing the groupware concept. Employees are finding answers within seconds and minutes, rather than hours and days. Management is disseminating information instantaneously to employees via portal-like Company News modules. Instant messages and discussions are sparking ideas, breaking down communication barriers, and fostering collaboration.

The notion of centralizing data and applications via the web may be relatively new, but the appeal and benefits of groupware systems are proving to be truly global.