UniMobilis/Perception: Perception Meeting Protocol -- 23. 01.03, Groupware Competence Center, Padeborn 2003.

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YEAR: 2003


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Perception Meeting Protocol -- 23. 01.0321.01.2003 15:47Ludwig Nastansky
Hartlep, PWN, Erdmann, Hahnl & Foester & Hoos
Perception & GCC meeting Protocol
  1. Welcome
  2. Perception Server
  3. Security issues -- secure browser
  4. licences upgrade & correction of wrong spelling (user license, LDAP, Secure browser)
  5. Database structure: Is the question database & the administration database on the same file
  • in access, there are different files for Qs & Administrations, in directory database.
  • admin, anwer, assessments databases are individual files.

    1. Database error message while try to re-publish the Assessement: "An error occured within the QMDbo COM object"

    2. Assessment design

  • Is there a shared environment to author qs & Assessments? Yes, using file sharing
  • Assembling questions --> the control blocks related to save answers from students while doing the exams. --> design qs in several blocks instead of in one block. (version 3.3 have a feature called "question to go", you can store the answers in the hard-disk).( the info all in client, when user clicks "Proceed", that is the only point talks to server) the students have to be sure the connection is on when "Proceed".)
  • Report ---> what kind of report do we need?
  • Result ----> possible to keep a backup and/or Archive of the test result for 10 years? All the answers in the answer database)
  • How to change the name of icons on the Template (e.g. Proceed to Submit, etc. ) (have to publish/transmit the graphic file to the correct server folder, check the correct directory)
  • QxQ displays the number of questions, even if there are 100 of them? --- Yes, with scrolling bars under
  • Question structure, relation between topics & questions ( not putting both qs & sub-topic under one topic)