Tomlinson, Anne; Figueiredo, Zoe: Sametime Application Development Training 1999.

THEMES: Tomlinson, Anne | Figueiredo, Zoe
YEAR: 1999
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TIME: 1999

Dear Lotus Business Partner,

Sametime Application Development Training

Are you working on applications for Lotus Sametime? If so, here’s your opportunity to take advantage of some technical hands-on training for Lotus Sametime, completely free of charge to Lotus Business Partners.

Course Overview

This intensive one-day class is intended for developers who want to roll up their sleeves and dig into the Sametime APIs. The class is broken into two parts. The first half will include a brief overview and discussion of the Sametime architecture. The second half is hands on in a lab setting. In this portion, we’ll take a look at the code and give you a chance to build a Sametime application.

The course will use both the LotusScript and Java toolkits available with the Sametime server. Discussion will include online awareness , “Who Is Here" and "Who Is Online" functionality, and the ability to create both one-on-one and group chats. The seminar will also discuss Meeting Services, a toolkit which allows the programmer to customize the meeting services or add Instant Meetings to their application.

Appropriate for any developer interested in adding Sametime to their Domino applications or building a standalone Sametime application from the ground up.

Dates and Locations
Friday 10th September - Stockholm, Sweden
Monday 13th September - London, UK
Thursday 16th September - Ratingen, (Nr Dussledorf) Germany

You can’t afford to them! miss

P.S Keep an eye out for more venues as they become available

Registrations are taken on a first come, first served basis, and are limited, so book now! To reserve your place, complete the faxback form below and return it to Lotus. Alternatively, you can telephone the Lotus Business Partner registration line on +44 (0) 118 928 0173.

Yours sincerely

Zoe Figueiredo & AnneTomlinson
EMEA Lotus Business Partner Enablement

Sametime Application Development Training

Course Outline
Sametime Overview -- We’ll kick things off with a general overview of the Sametime toolkits and architecture.

Under the Hood -- This section will show you how Domino, VP, and T.120 work together to form Sametime.

Community Tools Overview -- This section covers the Virtual Places Toolkit from a high-level, which covers functionality such as on-line awareness and chat.

Meeting Tools Overview -- Here, we’ll show you the Meeting Services toolkit and walk through a sample scenario.

Implementation Overview - This section will cover the Hows of the Sametime toolkit: how to use it; how to integrate it with Domino; how to develop in the web vs. Notes environments.

Community Services API -- This section will walk you through Community Services API in Java and LotusScript. Each function is discussed along with parameters, potential sticky spots and more.

Meeting Services API -- This portion will take a look under the covers of the Meeting Services toolkit.

Implementation Demo/Hands On -- Your chance to build a Sametime-enabled database in LotusScript.

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Sametime Application Development Training

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