Nielsen, Søren Peter; IBM: IBM Redbook: Performance Considerations for Domino Applications, IBM 2000, pp. 400.

THEMES: Nielsen, Søren Peter | IBM\Redbook
YEAR: 2000
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THINGS: Performance
TIME: 2000
This document describes performance considerations when developing applications for Domino R5.0 or R4.6.
We discuss the following issues in detail:

- How to consider performance and capacity when designing and developing a Domino application
- How to analyze a Domino application that does not meet its performance and capacity goals

While both platform setup (Domino server and operating system) and application architecture need to be considered
when looking at performance and capacity, this book focus on the application perspective.

This redbook was written for Domino designers and programmers, customers, IBM Business Partners, and members
of the IBM and Lotus community who need a good technical understanding of how to develop applications that scale
and perform using Lotus Domino R5.0 and R4.6.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Introduction to Performance in Domino Applications
Chapter 2: Design Considerations
Chapter 3: Programming Considerations
Chapter 4: Performance Aspects of Domino Design Elements
Chapter 5: Troubleshooting an Existing Application
Appendices Group A: Application examples and tool descriptions.
Appendices Group B: Programming techniques
Appendices Group C: How some of the Domino stuff works and some limits to be aware of