Lotus: 3 Anouncement - Lotusphere 2002, January 27-31, Orlando, Florida, Orlando 2002.

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YEAR: 2002
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PLACES: Orlando
TIME: 2002
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Lotusphere 2002 Call For Abstracts
Ready to see, first-hand, the "innovative evolution" in Rnext? The future of collaborative e-business solutions? The latest strides in bridging people and technology? Lotusphere 2002 is THE source and proving ground for the information and insight you're looking for! Join us for an inside view of Lotus software plans and strategies. It's an excellent opportunity to discover new ideas, share insights, and leverage what you already know to even greater advantage.

The Lotusphere 2002 content team is currently accepting proposals to speak at Lotusphere 2002
at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, from January 27th to the 31st. Each year we've received an overwhelming number of great proposals and expect the same enthusiastic response this year! Lotusphere provides a tremendous value to our community of consultants, developers, CIO/IS managers, system administrators, business development managers and those within the Lotus/IBM Business Partner community.

As you create your
75-word or less proposal, keep in mind that Lotusphere 2002 will be primarily focused on technology directions and solutions. From the top-line messages of the Strategy track to the proof points of the Best Practices and Customer Case Studies tracks, this year's agenda promises to underscore the continued leadership position of Lotus software in the messaging, learning, and advanced collaboration arenas.

Please submit your abstract to one of the following areas:

Lotusphere Pre-Conference JumpStart Sessions

: Developers and system administrators
Stay one step ahead of the game by attending these pre-conference sessions, designed as in-depth "fast tracks" in the areas of Lotuscript, Java, Javascript, XML and much more! And due to the popularity of these sessions, we're expanding the agenda to now cover admin content! Each session is two hours in length, and will serve as a solid foundation for the more advanced sessions held during the week.

Track One: IT Management: Strategy and Planning

IT, MIS and business managers
Are you charged with evaluating, recommending and executing on technology strategies that address your organization's business challenges and goals? Is it your job to figure out how to "do more with less"? Setting the stage for the entire week, the sessions in this track, delivered by Lotus exectives and industry experts, will detail how Lotus technologies, solutions and offerings help you implement today - while planning for tomorrow.

Track Two: Application Development

Developers of all levels
Get up to speed up on the latest hard-core code, development tools, languages, programming techniques and future technologies. You'll learn from the experts the best way to build, fine-tune manage and extend your apps. You'll pick up the nuts-and-bolts information that will help you choose the right tools for each task, and get your apps up and running in record time!

Track Three: Collaborative Infrastructure - Core Technologies to Latest Innovations

Systems architects, administrators and integrators
Dive into detailed technical topics in the areas of administration, security, directories, migration, performance and much more! Discover how best to plan, deploy and maintain your servers, ensuring that your organization benefits from effective collaboration. You'll gain a solid understanding of why Lotus and IBM solutions are the best bet when it comes to building highly reliable, available and scalable applications.

Track Four: Best Practices

Business and IT managers, application developers, system administrators and integrators
Are you seeking technical "proof points" - real-world, tested, tried-and-true information - that will help you develop, administer or implement Lotus-based solutions? Or as a business manager, are you looking for inspiration from others who have already faced and solved the issues you now face? By popular demand, this new track will cover just that - best practices in the areas of development, administration and business management - delivered by technology experts and industry gurus.

Track Five: Customer Case Studies

Business and IT managers and professionals
See how leading companies are leveraging Lotus software solutions, tools and technologies to bridge people and technology, uncover new revenue opportunities, reduce cost of ownership and create competitive advantage. You'll hear directly and candidly from customers who are eager to share their successes and challenges with you, in the areas of messaging, learning, CRM, knowledge management, supply chain optimization - and much more!


Submissions must be received no later than
Monday, October 1st, 2001. Due to time and space constraints, a limited number of proposals can be accepted. In late November, you will receive electronic notification regarding the status of your proposal.