O'Kelly, Peter: Collaboration Market Dynamics - What’s Next at the Intersection of Communication, Collaboration, and Content Management, in: 23. DNUG Konferenz, Burton Group, Nürnberg 2005.

Products and services focused on communication, collaboration, and content management are undergoing a transformation based on a new overall model, key emerging standards, and an enterprise architectural shift to database management system (DBMS) foundations. The advent of blogs, wikis, and open so...

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YEAR: 2005
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LABEL: Activity Management | Domino 7 | Lotus Hannover
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Peter O'Kelly is analyst for Burton Group. Emphases of his work are communication/collaboration applications and tools, Microsoft .NET application architecture and strategy, XML and document/database management system (DBMS) convergence. In his software career of more than 20 years as enterprise application developer and data modeler, he focused on application architectures, XML and database topics, and collaborative applications. He was in software product management, business development, and strategy roles with companies including IBM/Lotus, Groove, and Macromedia. He is analyst/author of dozens of reports and articles on Microsoft platform and product strategy, XML standards, DBMS market dynamics, and other topics. Peter O'Kelly also acts as consultant to enterprises and software vendors on topics including application architecture, data/conceptual modeling, and product/company strategy.
Peter O'Kelly created the first corporate-level logical data model for Procter & Gamble. He led Lotus Notes product management during the pivotal Notes R4 release. He established the product management and competitive strategy for collaborative application pioneer Groove Networks and the Macromedia VP Strategy during the launch of its MX product line. He is an avid blogger since early 2000. (http://pbokelly.blogspot.com/).