Lotus: 1 Agenda - Lotusphere 2002, January 27-31, Orlando, Florida, Lotus, Orlando 2002.

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YEAR: 2002
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PLACES: Orlando
TIME: 2002
Tuesday Jan 29
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DL N. Hemisphere A-CDL N. Hemisphere D/EDL S. Hemisphere I-IIDL S. Hemisphere III-VSW 1-4SW 10SW 6SW MockingbirdSW OspreySW Pelican
08:30 am - 09:45 amAD310 Domino Rnext Web Administration -- What It Does and How It was BuiltAD105 Architecting and Implementing a "Real World" Domino Application with JSPsSTR107R Mobile & Wireless - Myths, Magic, and RealitiesSTR110 The Future of Portal Collaboration and the IBM Portal StrategySTR114 Customer Vision in Challenging Times - How Can You Best Guide Customers to Your Lotus Advantages?STR113 Collaborative User Experience: New Product Ideas from ResearchID512 What's New in Lotus Workflow 3.0BP115 Daring Visionaries: How Entrepreneurs Build Great CompaniesID505 What's New in Lotus QuickPlaceCS105 Innovation in Action: Bristol-Myers Squibb
10:30 am - 11:45 amSTR106 The Power to Work the Way You Want - The Lotus Client StrategyAD401 Programming with the "New" Formula Language in Notes RnextID213 What's New in Domino Rnext AdministrationID503 Introduction to IBM WebSphere Portal Family 2.1 and K-station IntegrationAD412 The J2EE Environment for Domino Developers BP112 Clustering and High Availability Applied to Business Critical SolutionsID507 Planning and Implementing an e-Workplace Solution BP114 Building an Awesome OrganizationSPN101 Capacity Planning : Domino on Solaris for iNotes Web AccessID511 Corporate Taxonomies--Creating and Maintaining a Knowledge Map with the Lotus Discovery Server
12:15 pm - 01:30 pmAD501 Introduction to QuickPlace Application DevelopmentAD411 Using JSPs to Build Domino Web ApplicationsID208 Increase Your Domino Rnext Server AvailabilityAD202 Advanced Topics in Domino Designer Rnext AD309 Using Lotus Web Services in Contextual CollaborationSTR109 Beyond the ROI Hype: The Economics of e-LearningID501 What's New in Lotus Discovery ServerBP117 Legal Aspects of Conducting Business Over the Web CS103 Success with Early Notes/Domino Rnext Deployment: DaimlerChrysler
02:30 pm - 03:45 pmAD402 Notes/Domino Rnext Takes Lotuscript to the Next LevelID202 Domino Directory Services -- Strategy and ImplementationID101 Deploying Lotus QuickPlaceSPN102 Today's Hottest Technology: Wireless CommunicationAD302 Code it Yourself! Lotus Connector Classes for Enterprise Data STR115 You Can't Prevent Disasters: Planning for RecoveryAD509 Developing Portlets for K-station and Websphere Portal ServerID504 Extended Search: Architecture, What's New and Future DirectionsID204 Domino Rnext Support for HostingCS102 Building an Effective Knowledge-Sharing Network: The German Department of Defense
04:30 pm - 05:45 pmAD102 Developing Applications for WAP and Handheld Devices with Domino EveryPlace and Mobile NotesID214 Domino Directory Services -- Practical Instruction on Two Key OptionsID102 Deploying Sametime for the EnterpriseID502 Document Management for the Enterprise: The Key to a Truly Collaborative EnvironmentAD303 Connecting with SAP: A World of PossibilitiesBP104 Desktop Application Automation: Best Practices with Integrating Applications with Lotus Notes and DominoID506 Leveraging Lotus' Collaborative Infrastructure - Practical Design and Deployment ConsiderationsBP118 Presentation Power: Creating Compelling CommunicationsSTR118 From Their Lips to Your Ears: Advice on Software as a Service CS101 Riding a New Domino Workflow Application Into the 21st Century: Twentieth Century Fox