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Information Architecture and Taxonomy Review

THEMES: Delphi Group
META STRUCTURES: SS\...\Einleitung | SS\...\Identifikation...
2004HIDEWHEN: GCC-MediumAccess
LABEL: Information Intelligence | Information Management | Information Retrieval | Information Structures | Ontology | Taxonomy
THINGS: Survey
TIME: 2004
How much information? 2003

THEMES: Lyman, Peter | Varian, Hal R. | Swearingen, Kirsten | Charles, Peter | Good, Nathan | Jordan, Laheem Lamar | Pal, Joyojeet
META STRUCTURES: SS\...\Einleitung
2003LABEL: Wirtschaftsinformatik - Business Computing
TIME: 2000
Mobile und drahtlose Informationssysteme - Technologien, Anwendungen, Märkte

THEMES: Lehner, Franz
META STRUCTURES: SS\...\Einleitung
Wissensorientierte Unternehmensführung: Wertschöpfung durch Wissen

THEMES: North, Klaus
META STRUCTURES: CH\...\Wissensmanagem... | SS\...\Einleitung | SS\...\WM-Grundlagen
Wissen, Wissenschaftstheorie und Wissensmanagement. Oder: Wie die Wissenschaftstheorie die Praxis einholt.

THEMES: Schreyögg, Georg
META STRUCTURES: SS\...\Einleitung
Enabling Knowledge Creation - How to Unlock the Mystery of Tacit Knowledge and Release the Power of Innovation

THEMES: Von Krogh, Georg | Ichijo, Kazuo | Nonaka, Ikujiro
META STRUCTURES: SS\...\Einleitung
2000PLACES: NewYork
TIME: 2000
Performance Measurement from the Intellectual Capital Perspective

THEMES: Behn, Vincenz M. | GCC Teaching\...\3 Completed
META STRUCTURES: GCC Activities\...\Projects | GCC Teaching\...\All | GCC Teaching\...\GCCB | SS\...\Einleitung | SS\...\Master Thesis
2000LABEL: ISO 9000 | Master Thesis
ORGANIZATIONS: Universität Paderborn - University of Paderborn
PLACES: Paderborn
TIME: 2000
Topic Maps: Introduction and Allegro

THEMES: Rath, Hans Holger | Pepper, Steve
META STRUCTURES: SS\...\Das GTMS | SS\...\Einleitung | SS\...\Identifikation... | SS\...\Technische Dok...
1999LABEL: Taxonomy
PLACES: Philadelphia | Philadelphia, USA | USA
TIME: 1999
Der vierte Produktionsfaktor - Wachstum und Wettbewerbsvorteile durch Wissensmanagement

THEMES: Stewart, Thomas A.
META STRUCTURES: CH\...\Wissensmanagem... | SS\...\Einleitung
1998KNOWLEDGE OBJECT TYPES: Book\Published\e.g. published book, lecture notes, Master thesis, PhD thesis, report, manual\basic publically published book type
LABEL: Knowledge Management | Wissensmanagement
PEOPLE: Stewart, Thomas A.
PLACES: München | Wien
TIME: 1998
Managing in a Time of Great Change

THEMES: Drucker, Peter Ferdinand
META STRUCTURES: SS\...\Einleitung
1996KNOWLEDGE OBJECT TYPES: Book\Other\among others Master thesis, PhD thesis
PEOPLE: Drucker, Peter F.
PLACES: Boston | Johannesburg | Melbourne | New Delhi | Oxford | Singapore
TIME: 1996
The Computer for the 21st Century

THEMES: Weiser, Mark
META STRUCTURES: CH\...\optionale Komp... | SS\...\Einleitung