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Lotus Symphony software Rel-1.2 English

THEMES: Lotus\Symphony
2007HIDEWHEN: GCC-MediumAccess
LABEL: Communication | graphics | integrated software | Lotus Symphony | portals | spreadsheet | terminal emulation | Windows - MS Windows | word processor
ORGANIZATIONS: Lotus Development Corporation
PEOPLE: Ozzie, Raymond
TIME: 1994
The Architecture of Lotus Notes

THEMES: Lotus\Notes/Domino A...
META STRUCTURES: GCC-K-Objects\Lotus-Notes-Do...
1999HIDEWHEN: GCC-LowAccess
LABEL: Lotus Notes
PLACES: Middlesex | UK - Unites Kingdom
THINGS: Architecture
TIME: 1994 | 1999
Lotus Notes/Domino ROI Studies form IDC

THEMES: Lotus\Notes/Domino M...
1995LABEL: Business Value | Case Studies | Lotus Notes/Domino | ROI - return on investment | value-add
THINGS: Report
TIME: 1994
A Classification of Visual Representations

THEMES: Lohse, Gerald L. | Biolsi, Kevin | Walker, Neff | Rueter, Henry H.
1994LABEL: Visualization
TIME: 1994
A client/server architecture for distributed workflow management systems

THEMES: Schuster, Hans | Jablonski, Stefan | Kirsche, T. | Bussler, Christoph
1994LABEL: WAGS | Workflow
THINGS: Dissertation GR
TIME: 1994
A model of EDI integration and strategic business reengineering

THEMES: Swatman, Paula M.C. | Swatman, Paul A. | Fowler, Danielle C.
THINGS: Dissertation GR | EDI
TIME: 1994
A Theoretical Evaluation of Measures of Organizational Design - Interrelationship and Performance Predictability

THEMES: Lin, Zhiang
1994PLACES: Hillsdale, New Jersey
TIME: 1994
Agents that reduce work and information overload

THEMES: Maes, Petti
1994LABEL: Visualization
TIME: 1994
Ansätze der Informationsmodellierung und ihre betriebswirtschaftliche Bedeutung

THEMES: Picot, Arnold | Maier, Matthias
1994TIME: 1994
Applications and Impacts Information Processing '94 Vol. II

THEMES: Brunnstein, K. | Raubold, E.
1994PLACES: Amsterdam | London | New York | Tokyo
TIME: 1994
Approaching the Groupware Challenge in Higher Education - The UniTeach 2000 Framework: Visions about the Redesign of Teaching and Learning Processes

THEMES: Nastansky, Ludwig\e-Learning
1994TIME: 1994
ARIS-Toolset: Die Geburt eines Softwareproduktes

THEMES: Scheer, August-Wilhelm | ARIS
1994LABEL: APS - Application Service Providing | Software Engineering
PEOPLE: Scheer, August-Wilhelm
PLACES: Saarbrücken
THINGS: Geschäftsprozessmodellierung | Process Engineering | Tools
TIME: 1994
Bausteine der Wirtschaftsinformatik. Grundlagen, Anwendungen, PC-Praxis - Mit Aufgaben und Lösungen

THEMES: Fischer, Joachim | Dangelmaier, Wilhelm | Wolff, Reiner | Herold, Werner | Nastansky, Ludwig\...\Office-Systems
1994PLACES: Berlin | Bielefeld | München
TIME: 1994
Bedeutung des Replikationskonzepts, Mobile Office, Replikation in verteilten heterogenen Datenbankumgebungen, Replikation und Informationsabgleich in Workgroups

THEMES: Nastansky, Ludwig\...\Groupware | Otten, Angelika | Drira, Mohamed
1994ORGANIZATIONS: GCC - Groupware Competence Center
THINGS: DFG_ProcessEnactment
TIME: 1994
Begriffliche Wissensverarbeitung - Grundfragen und Aufgaben

THEMES: Wille, Rudolf | Zickwolff, Monika
1994KNOWLEDGE OBJECT TYPES: Book\Published\e.g. published book, lecture notes, Master thesis, PhD thesis, report, manual\basic publically published book type
PEOPLE: Wille, Rudolf | Zickwolff, Monika
PLACES: Leipzig | Mannheim | Wien | Zuerich
TIME: 1994
Büroinformations- und -kommunikationssysteme

THEMES: Gabriel, Roland | Begau, Klaus | Knittel, Friedrich | Taday, Holger
1994PLACES: Heidelberg
TIME: 1994

THEMES: Nastansky, Ludwig\...\Office-Systems | Schicker, Till | Behrens, Olav M. | Ehlers, Peter
1994LABEL: Wirtschaftsinformatik - Business Computing
PLACES: Hamburg
TIME: 1994
Business Process Management in Distributed Systems - Concept and development of a protocol tracking module for a distributed workflow management system reflecting open as well as predefined processes

THEMES: Wolke, Karin | GCC Teaching\...\3 Completed
1994LABEL: Business Process Engineering
ORGANIZATIONS: GCC - Groupware Competence Center | Universität Paderborn - University of Paderborn
THINGS: Tracking
TIME: 1994
Business Process Modeling in the Workflow Management Environment Leu

THEMES: Dinkhoff, Guido | Gruhn, Volker | Saalmann, Armin | Zielonka, Michael
1994LABEL: WAGS | Workflow
PLACES: Manchester, UK
TIME: 1994
Computergestützung für die Planung von Geschäftsprozessen

THEMES: Elgass, Petra | Krcmar, Helmut
1994LABEL: WAGS | Workflow
THINGS: Dissertation GR | Geschäftsprozeßmodellierung
TIME: 1994