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Lotus - The first 20 years

THEMES: GCC Media\Video | Iris | Lotus\Marketing | Lotus\Notes 1
2001LABEL: Lotus 1 - 2 - 3 | Lotus Notes
THINGS: History | Video
TIME: 1981 | 2001 | 20 years
An Organizational System: Overview

THEMES: Burton, Richard M.
1981THINGS: Enterprise Model
TIME: 1981
Computergestützte Befragung in der empirischen Sozialforschung

THEMES: Türschmann, Carl Wolfram
1981PLACES: Berlin
TIME: 1981
Describing and designing organizational structures and processes

THEMES: Baligh, Helmy H. | Burton, Richard M.
1981THINGS: Enterprise Model
TIME: 1981
Einführung in die genetische Erkenntnistheorie

THEMES: Piaget, Jean
1981PLACES: Frankfurt.a.M.
TIME: 1981
Handbook of Organizational Design, (Adapting organizations to their environments)\Handbook of Organizational Design - Adapting organizations to their environments

THEMES: Nystrom, C. | Starbuck, W. H.
1981PLACES: Oxford | Oxford, UK | UK - Unites Kingdom
THINGS: Learning\organization | Organization Design | Role Theory
TIME: 1981
Jelinek, M.; Litterer, J. A.; Miles, R. E. (Eds.) :Organizations by design: Theory and Practice\Organizations by design - Theory and Practice

THEMES: Jelinek, M. | Litterer, J. A. | Miles, R. E.
1981LABEL: Workflow
THINGS: Organization Design
TIME: 1981
The Self and Its Brain

THEMES: Popper, Karl R. | Eccles, John C.
META STRUCTURES: SS\...\Identifikation...
1981KNOWLEDGE OBJECT TYPES: Book\Other\among others Master thesis, PhD thesis
PEOPLE: Eccles, John C. | Popper, Karl R.
PLACES: Berlin | Heidelberg | London | New York
TIME: 1981
An Organizational View of Distributed Systems

THEMES: Fox, M. S.
THINGS: Distributed systems | Enterprise Model | Modelling | Organizational structure
TIME: 1981
Development of organizations over time

THEMES: Child, John | Kieser, Alfred
PLACES: Oxford, UK
THINGS: Learning\organization
TIME: 1981
Group Dynamics: - The Psychology of Small Group Behavior

THEMES: Shaw, M. E.
TIME: 1981
How organizations learn and unlearn

THEMES: Hedberg, B.
PLACES: Oxford, UK
THINGS: Learning\organization
TIME: 1981
Organizational roles

THEMES: Roos, Leslie L. | Starke, Frederick A.
PLACES: Oxford, UK
THINGS: Organization Design | Role Theory
TIME: 1981
Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary of Current English - Revised and Updated

THEMES: Hornby, A.S.
PLACES: Berlin
TIME: 1981
QBE/QBE: A Language for Office and Business Automation - IEEE Computer, Vol. 14 (1981), No.5, p.13-22

THEMES: Zloof, M.M.
TIME: 1981
Speech act classification - A study in the lexical analysis of English speech activity verbs

THEMES: Ballmer, Th. | Brennenstuhl, W.
PLACES: New York
THINGS: Analysis | Linguistik | Monitoring | Speech Act
TIME: 1981