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Workflow-Management in verteilten Systemen - Dissertation Univ. Nürnberg-Erlangen

THEMES: Reinwald, Berthold
LABEL: WAGS | Workflow
PLACES: Stuttgart
THINGS: Dissertation GR | Distributed systems | Zwischenbetriebliche Integration
TIME: 1995
Distributed work management - Activity coordination in the EuroCoOp project

THEMES: Hennessy, Pippa | Kreifelts, Thomas | Ehrlich, Ute
THINGS: Distributed systems | Office Communication & Work
TIME: 1993
Softwareentwicklung als Telearbeit: dezentrale, kooperativ ausgeführte Softwareentwicklung (DCSD)

THEMES: Schlunegger, Christoph U.
LABEL: Groupware
PLACES: Hamburg
THINGS: Distributed systems
TIME: 1993
Strategic control in the extended enterprise

THEMES: Konsynski, Benn R.
THINGS: Distributed systems | Interorganisationale Beziehungen
TIME: 1993
CSCW and distributed systems: The problem of control

THEMES: Rodden, Tom | Blair, G.
LABEL: CSCW | WAGS | Workflow
THINGS: Dissertation GR | Distributed systems
TIME: 1991
An introduction to database systems

THEMES: Date, C. J.
LABEL: WAGS | Wirtschaftsinformatik - Business Computing
PLACES: New York
THINGS: Dissertation GR | Distributed systems
TIME: 1990
An Organizational View of Distributed Systems

THEMES: Fox, M. S.
THINGS: Distributed systems | Enterprise Model | Modelling | Organizational structure
TIME: 1981
Data systems that cross company boundaries

THEMES: Kaufman, Felix
THINGS: Dissertation GR | Distributed systems | Interorganisationale Beziehungen | Zwischenbetriebliche Integration
TIME: 1966