GCC Teaching: 052404 LOG Information Management: eSpace Concepts, Groupware Competence Center, Paderborn 2003.

Log of the course eSpace Concepts

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YEAR: 2003

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2003-11-23 Course registration form
To officially register for the course and earn credit points, the "Prüfungssekretariat" requires a signed paper based form. The registration period for eSpace Concepts is from 2003-11-24 to 2003-12-05. Please do not register with the "Prüfungssekretariat" directly. As this is a project course, please turn in the signed form to the GCC secretary in Room E5.323 during the official opening hours.
Registration eSpace Concepts.doc

2003-10-27 Where to get the Notes Client CD?
You can borrow the Notes Client CD in Room E5.318. It is open from 10:30 to 11:30 each weekday. Please get Notes 6.5 for the purpose of this course.

2003-10-27 Application for a Notes User ID
Your Notes User ID is your electronic identification within the Notes/Domino environment. You need it before installing the Notes Client.
You can apply for a Notes ID at the GCC Homepage. The link looks like this:

2003-10-20 Installation Notes Client
Installation of IBM Lotus Notes 6 (not available in English, please use guide for version 6.5)