GCC Teaching: 052404 LOG Information Management: eSpace Concepts, Groupware Competence Center, Paderborn 2003.

Log of the course eSpace Concepts

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YEAR: 2003

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General Information
Registration List
The "Prüfungssekretariat" has published the registration list for eSpace concepts. Please check the list for your name and contact the Prüfungssekretariat to clarify any issues with the list.
Please note that you have to be on that list and successfully submit all 3 assignments to qualify to participate in the final assessment.

Change in assignment 3 wording
Students do not have the appropriate access rights to modify the existing workgroup documents in the Organization Database. Therefore, the process of assigning team members to workgroups has been redefined. This is the new section about the Organization Database part of the assignment:
"Every student has to create a person document in the Organization Database for himself/herself. This person has to be assigned to the appropriate workgoup. Therefore, the team has to create a workgroup document and assign the team members as members of the workgroup. Name the workgroup using your team number. Workgroup names should look like this: "Team 01", "Team 02" etc.
One of the team members has to be defined as the workgroup manager."
All existing workgroup documents have been deleted. Please create a new one for your team. For the full assignment text please refer to the general information section of Jan. 5th.