GCC Teaching: 052404 LOG Information Management: eSpace Concepts, Groupware Competence Center, Paderborn 2003.

Log of the course eSpace Concepts

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YEAR: 2003

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General Information
PAVONE Project Management CD
A CD with PAVONE Project Management databases is available for copying at GCC room E5.318, Monday to Friday 10:30 - 11:30.
A step by step guide of how to install the application from the CD is available at GCC K-Pool.

Assignment 3
Assignment 3 is a team assignment. The teams will remain the same as in assignment 2. Together with your team members, you will plan and schedule a project in a distributed environment. You have to fulfill all of the following requirements to successfully finish assignment 3. Please read the instructions carefully.

Every student has to create a person document in the Organization Database for himself/herself. This person has to be assigned to the appropriate workgoup. Therefore, the team has to create a workgroup document and assign the team members as members of the workgroup. Name the workgroup using your team number. Workgroup names should look like this: "Team 01", "Team 02" etc.
One of the team members has to be defined as the workgroup manager.

Together with the other team members, the workgroup manager then creates a new project of your own choice in the Project Management Database. The team has to perform the following tasks:
  • Assign all team members as resources to the new project (project managers and/or project members)
  • Define project access settings appropriately to ensure only team members have write access to the project documents.
  • Create, define and structure your project with at least 12 tasks and 2 associated reports (use meaningful titles; include meaningful information in reports). Please, make up an interesting sample project!
  • Plan the project

After these steps are completed, each team member completes at least one of the planned tasks.
  • Complete at least one task
  • Enter actual data for the completed task and at least one additional task

In the end, the project has to fulfill the following requirements:
  • At least 3 tasks are completed
  • At least 3 tasks are already started but not completed and still running
  • The rest of the tasks is scheduled for a future (starting as well as completion) date

Each team member has to ensure that his/her documents are contained within the server version of the project management database. Either by directly working on the server, or by replicating the local versions of the databases with the server. Deadline for assignment 3 is January 26th, 2004.