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Course "eSpace Concepts 2"

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YEAR: 2003
General Information
Assignment 2:

Application Development:
You will need your Lotus Notes user ID (the file your downloaded from the GCC website during assignment 1) and an installed version of Lotus Domino Designer to finish this assignment.
Your task in assignment 2 is the development of an application to manage lecture notes and comments. Think about the requirements of such an application and create a Lotus Notes database that contains at least the following elements:
  • One form to allow users to create lecture note documents.
  • One view that lists all lecture notes by date.
  • One view that categorizes all lecture notes by lecturer. That is the person that held the lecture.
  • At least 3 documents to be displayed in at least two views of the database.

You can team up in groups of up to 2 people. If you finish your assignment in a team, you must show that each team member worked on the application. This can be shown if every team member develops at least one design element. Every design element (such as a form or a view) and every document is automatically signed with your name if you edit the element.You have to switch the Lotus Notes user ID to sign an element with your teammates user ID (Menu "File\Security\Switch ID").

You have 2 weeks to send in assignment 2 via e-mail. The deadline is Monday, 2003-07-21, 6:00 pm.
The e-mail must fulfill the following requirements:
  • Send the e-mail to: "WI2Praktikum@WIUNIPB" (Notes Mail) or "WI2Praktikum@notes.upb.de" (Internet Mail)
  • Use the subject: "eSpace Concepts 2, Assignment 2"
  • The body of the mail must contain firstname, lastname and student ID of each team member
  • The mail must contain an attachment with the developed application

Please start working on assignment 2 as soon as possible, especially if you expect technical difficulties. Belated or incomplete assignments will not be accepted.

Additional Readings and Support