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YEAR: 2001
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TIME: 2001
Monthly Feature

Groove Security

Security GraphicFor the entire month of February, Groove Networks is dedicated to spreading the word about Groove's unique approach to security. Users, developers, partners, and customers will all find something of interest among the presentations, articles and webcasts offered here. And for the first time, we are inviting visitors to join interactive Grooving Together sessions dedicated to in-depth discussions of technical security related topics.


Check out two 10-minute talks on Groove security – both from the business end-user and developer perspectives.

Groove Security: Business Overview - Andrew Mahon discuses authentication, data confidentiality and rogue components.
56K | Cable | T1
VideoGroove Security: Technical Overview - Nimisha Asthagiri discusses the contrast between peer-to-peer and client/server access control, as well as Groove's architectural approach to access and role hierarchy
56K | Cable | T1
Webcasts require Windows Media Player

Book Excerpts

Read "Groove: Secure Groupware for Real-world Collaboration," by peer-to-peer authority Jon Udell along with Groove security experts Walt Tuvell and Nimisha Asthagiri. This chapter is excerpted from the forthcoming O'Reilly book,
Peer-to-Peer - Harnessing the Power of Disruptive Technologies, edited by Andy Oram. Read it now ››

Steven Levy of Newsweek has written a new book on Internet security entitled,
Crypto: When the Code Rebels Beat the Government - Saving Privacy in the Digital Age. Read it now ››

Grooving Together

Join a shared space where a Groove moderator will facilitate technical discussions on Groove’s security model. Groove technical consultants will be on hand to address the tough questions. Plus, when the month is over, you are left with your very own Groove Security space with relevant files, discussion and a record of these live sessions to share with colleagues, customers, partners or friends. Participation is first-come, first-served so
Sign up now! ››

Learn More

Check out these articles and presentations:
"Peer-to-Peer: Harnessing the Power of Disruptive Technologies"

Save 20%! Order directly from O'Reilly before Feb. 28 and get the Groove Networks discount.

Call O'Reilly at (800) 998-9938 and reference source code: #GRVP2P