CSCW: CSCW 90 - Proceedings of the conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work, ACM, Los Angeles, CA, Oct. 7-10 1990.

YEAR: 1990
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PLACES: Los Angeles
THINGS: Dissertation GR | Konferenzen
TIME: 1990
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This periodical is published by the Association for Computing. Copyright 1997 ACM, Inc.
CSCW '90. Proceedings of the conference on
Computer-supported cooperative work,
October 7-10, 1990, Los Angeles, CA

The VideoWindow system in informal communication
Robert S. Fish, Robert E. Kraut and Barbara L. Chalfonte
Pages 1-11
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TeamWorkStation: towards a seamless shared workspace
H. Ishii
Pages 13-26
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Distributed multiparty desktop conferencing system: MERMAID
Kazuo Watabe, Shiro Sakata, Kazutoshi Maeno, Hideyuki Fukuoka and Toyoko Ohmori
Pages 27-38
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Determinants and patterns of control over technology in a computerized meeting room
Laurel C. Austin, Jeffery K. Liker and Poppy L. McLeod
Pages 39-51
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Collaborative technology and group process feedback: their impact on interactive sequences in meetings
Marcial Losada, Pedro Sanchez and Elizabeth E. Noble
Pages 53-64
[Index Terms]

Computer-mediated communication for intellectual teamwork: a field experiment in group writing
Jolene Galegher and Robert E. Kraut
Pages 65-78
[Index Terms]

SIBYL: a tool for managing group design rationale
Jintae Lee
Pages 79-92
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Strudel---an extensible electronic conversation toolkit
Allan Shepherd, Niels Mayer and Allan Kuchinsky
Pages 93-104
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Report on a development project use of an issue-based information system
K. C. Burgess Yakemovic and E Jeffery Conklin
Pages 105-118
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Some social and economic consequences of groupware for flight crew
Ian Benson, Claudio Ciborra and Steve Proffitt
Pages 119-129
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Computer integration: a co-requirement for effective inter-organization computer network implementation
Paul Hart and D. Estrin
Pages 131-142
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Knowledge-domain interoperability and an open hyperdocument system
Douglas C. Engelbart
Pages 143-156
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Coordinating concurrent development
William H. Harrison, Harold Ossher and Peter F. Sweeney
Pages 157-168
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ICICLE: groupware for code inspection
L. Brothers, V. Sembugamoorthy and M. Muller
Pages 169-181
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Issues in the design of computer support for co-authoring and commenting
Christine M. Neuwirth, David S. Kaufer, Ravinder Chandhok and James H. Morris
Pages 183-195
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An ethnographic study of distributed problem solving in spreadsheet development
Bonnie A. Nardi and James R. Miller
Pages 197-208
[Index Terms]

Patterns of sharing customizable software
Wendy E. Mackay
Pages 209-221
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Cooperative support for computer work: a social perspective on the empowering of end users
Andrew Clement
Pages 223-236
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Animating interfaces
Wendie Wulff, Shelley Evenson and John Rheinfrank
Pages 241-254
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User support: illustrating computer use in collaborative work contexts
Rittta Hellman
Pages 255-267
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Jonathan Grudin
Pages 269-278
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A visual calendar for scheduling group meetings
David Beard, Murugappan Palaniappan, Alan Humm, David Banks, Anil Nair and Yen-Ping Shan
Pages 279-290
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Learning from user experience with groupware
Christine V. Bullen and John L. Bennett
Pages 291-302
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The temporal structure of cooperative activity
Stephen Reder and Robert G. Schwab
Pages 303-316
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Rendezvous: an architecture for synchronous multi-user applications
John F. Patterson, Ralph D. Hill, Steven L. Rohall and Scott W. Meeks
Pages 317-328
[Index Terms]

MMConf: an infrastructure for building shared multimedia applications
Terrence Crowley, Paul Milazzo, Ellie Baker, Harry Forsdick and Raymond Tomlinson
Pages 329-342
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DisEdit: a distributed toolkit for supporting multiple group editors
Michael J. Knister and Atul Prakash
Pages 343-355
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What is coordination theory and how can it help design cooperative work systems?
Thomas W. Malone and Kevin Crowston
Pages 357-370
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Why CSCW applications fail: problems in the adoption of interdependent work tools
M. Lynne Markus and Terry Connolly
Pages 371-380
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The workaday world as a paradigm for CSCW design
Thomas P. Moran and R. J. Anderson
Pages 381-393
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