TeamsWare: SICMAC Financial Relationship Management System, Teamsware, Tunis 2002.

Scoring - Workflow - Risk Management

THEMES: TeamsWare
YEAR: 2002
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LABEL: Workflow
ORGANIZATIONS: Poulina | Teamsware
PEOPLE: Drira, Mohamed
PLACES: Tunisia
THINGS: eXFlow | Java | Risk Management | Scoring

SICMAC is a DOMINO web-collaborative financial relationship management system. It implements the company’s credit workflows using a powerful java based workflow management system (eXFlow; a Teamsware product). It connects the Internal back-office systems such as major ERP and data warehouse. SICMAC enables companies to dramatically increase their risk management using a dynamic 3-tier powerful platform, scoring system. It permits to manage the customer risk while maintaining a better customer relationship and loyalty to the company.