GCC Teaching; Wang-Nastansky, Pei: W2540: SIBMMC LOG Lecture 2013 "Sustainable International Business Management in Multinational Corporations"

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YEAR: 2013
PERM. URL: http://gcc.upb.de/K-Pool/Sustainable_IBM_13SS
Modul W2540: Sustainable International Business Management in Multinational Corporations

LOGbook SS 2013

Lectures/Seminar sessions:
Monday 09:15-17:00 h
Room: TP9-1-01

Dr. Pei Wang-Nastansky

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Lecture Management:

  • 03.05. & 10.05 The Country Briefing Presentation is 30 minutes per team

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  • 19.04.13 Clarification of Grading

    As outlined in the
    Modulhandbuch the grading for Modul W2540 is as follows:
- The final grading (= Endnote) is based on the following:
1. 10% - Class Participation/Mündliche Mitarbeit
2. 50% - Presentation / Präsentation (one presentation during class hours, one final presentation: 25% for each) [each presentation 30 minutes]
3. 40% - Final Report/ Abschlussbericht
TOTAL: 100%

- Both presentations and the final report are intended to be team-based work.

- The final presentation and the final report will be about a case study in the context of international management issues (e.g. human resource, marketing, inter-cultural management, esc.). The case studies will be handed out to the team on 03. - 10.05. so that each team is going to have a block of time to work on the specific case study.
  • Seminar Location: TP9-1-01, Technologiepark, Paderborn
    1). Friday Sessions 09:15 - 17:00 h
    #1 Fri.19.04
#2 Fri 26.04.
#3 Fri 03.05
#4 Fri 10.05.

#5 Fri 17.05 (9:00 -13:00h)
#6 Fri 24.05.

2) TP9-1-01 (seminar room, 1st floor, building #9, in Technologiepark), starting Monday 19.04.

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