Abramowicz, Witold; BIS: BIS 2000 - 4th International Conference on Business Information Systems, Call for Papers, Poznan, Poland, 12-13 April 2000 2000.

THEMES: Abramowicz, Witold | BIS
YEAR: 2000
Dear Members of the Program Committee,

Thanks a lot for the work you are doing for our Conference. The Year 2000 Business Information Systems Conference will be held in Poznan, Poland, April 12-13 (see <http://www.bis.pozn.com/>). We are also planning to have two back-to-back conferences:

    a.. IF BIS - Information Filtering for Business Information Systems, 11 April, 2000, Poznań
   b.. Know BIS - Knowledge Management for Business Information Systems, 14 April, 2000, Poznań
As many of us know, this year's meeting attracted over 200 participants in the computer science and business fields from more than 10 countries. In this way, the meeting facilitated an exchange of ideas between diverse groups. The refereed Proceedings were published and distributed to the participants. We believe that we have created a significant international event and plan to make next year's conference even better.

Currently, we are in the process of organizing special sessions. We are looking for leaders of the sessions fulfilling the topics from the list of topics. The proposal for a special session should be sent to me. The appropriate inspiration for a special session is the first session from BIS1999 prepared by Gary Klein with colleagues. This special session consists of 3-4 papers. One could receive a status-invited paper. In this case, we cover the flight to and from Poznan (on the conditions agreed with us), conference fee and banquet. In special cases we could also cover the accommodation in Poznan. For the other authors of the papers presented in the special sessions, we cover the conference fee and banquet. The PC will accept the papers for the special sessions in total. The deadlines published on the WWW-page must be adhered to.

We have the first initiative from Gary Klein (University of Colorado - Colorado Springs gklein@computer.org mailto:gklein@computer.org), Marcin Paprzycki (University of Southern Mississippi marcin@orca.st.usm.edu mailto:marcin@orca.st.usm.edu) and Karol Wituszynski (The Poznan University of Economics awitsoft@kie.ae.poznan.pl mailto:awitsoft@kie.ae.poznan.pl): Special Track on Neural Networks in Business Information Systems.

The second idea tested this year was the student session. The Student's Session Organization Committee (Malgorzata Miklas miklas@thor.kie.ae.poznan.pl, Marcin Nowacki marcin@thor.kie.ae.poznan.pl and Krzysztof Piotrowski chris@thor.kie.ae.poznan.pl) will send you a special CfP.

Our contact people in the Organization Committee are:

    a.. For work with the authors - Pawel Jan Kalczynski (pjk@thor.kie.ae.poznan.pl),
   b.. For work with the referees - Krzysztof Wecel (kaw@thor.kie.ae.poznan.pl).
I hope to have the opportunity to meet you at the BIS 2000 in Poznan.


Witold Abramowicz

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