CSCW: CSCW 88 - Proceedings of the conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work, ACM, Portland, OR, Sept. 26-28 1988.

YEAR: 1988
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PLACES: Portland, OR
THINGS: Dissertation GR | Konferenzen | Transaktionskosten
TIME: 1988
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This periodical is published by the Association for Computing. Copyright 1997 ACM, Inc.
CSCW '88. Proceedings of the conference on
Computer-supported cooperative work,
Sept. 26-28, 1988, Portland, OR

Patterns of contact and communication in scientific research collaboration
Robert Kraut, Carmen Egido and Jolene Galegher
Pages 1-12
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Video conferencing as a technology to support group work: a review of its failures
Carmen Egido
Pages 13-24
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Design of a multi-media vehicle for social browsing
Robert W. Root
Pages 25-38
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Computer support for biomedical work groups
G. Anthony Gorry, Andrew M. Burger, R. Jesse Chaney, Kevin B. Long and Christina M. Tausk
Pages 39-51
[Index Terms]

Who's in charge here?: Cooperative work and authority negotiation in police helicopter missions
Charlotte Linde
Pages 52-64
[Index Terms]

Computerized medical records, production pressure and compartmentalization in the work activity of health center physicians
Yrjo Engestrom, Ritva Engestrom and Osmo Saarelma
Pages 65-84
[Index Terms]

Why CSCW applications fail: problems in the design and evaluation of organization of organizational interfaces
Jonathan Grudin
Pages 65-84
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Encountering electronic work groups: a transaction costs perspective
Claudio Ciborra and Margrethe H. Olson
Pages 94-101
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In search of cooperation: an historical analysis of work organization and management strategies
Joan Greenbaum
Pages 102-114
[Index Terms]

Object lens: a "spreadsheet" for cooperative work
Kum-Yew Lai and Thomas W. Malone
Pages 115-124
[Index Terms]

Local and global structuring of computer mediated communication: developing linguistic perspectives on CSCW in cosmos
John Bowers and John Churcher
Pages 125-139
[Index Terms]

gIBIS: a hypertext tool for exploratory policy discussion
Jeff Conklin and Michael L. Begeman
Pages 140-152
[Index Terms]

Can networks make an organization?
Tamar Bermann and Kari Thoresen
Pages 153-166
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The memoirs of two survivors: or the evaluation of a computer system for cooperative work
Gro Bjerknes and Tone Bratteteig
Pages 167-177
[Index Terms]

Designing for a dollar a day
Morten Kyng
Pages 178-188
[Index Terms]

Collaborative document production using quilt
Mary D. P. Leland, Robert S. Fish and Robert E. Kraut
Pages 206-215
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Guided tours and tabletops: tools for communicating in a hypertext environment
Randall H. Trigg
Pages 216-226
[Index Terms]

Conflict management and group decision support systems
Marshall Scott Poole, Michael Homes and Gerardine DeSanctis
Pages 227-243
[Index Terms]

A framework for understanding the workspace activity of design teams
John C. Tang and Larry J. Leifer
Pages 244-249
[Index Terms]

A use of drawing surfaces in different collaborative settings
Sara A. Bly
Pages 250-256
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Capturing the capture concepts: a case study in the design of computer-supported meeting environments
Marilyn Mantei
Pages 257-270
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Children's collaborative use of a computer microworld
Janice Singer, Stephanie D. Behrend and Jeremy Roschelle
Pages 271-281
[Index Terms]

Collaborative learning in a virtual classroom: highlights of findings
Starr Roxanne Hiltz
Pages 282-290
[Index Terms]

Sixth graders and shared data: designing a LAN environment to support collaborative work
Denis Newman
Pages 291-305
[Index Terms]

Cooperative work in the Andrew message system
Nathaniel S. Borenstein and Chris A. Thyberg
Pages 306-323
[Index Terms]

Work group structures and computer support: a field experiment
J. D. Eveland and Tora K. Bikson
Pages 324-343
[Index Terms]

More than just a communication system: diversity in the use of electronic mail
Wendy E. Mackay
Pages 344-3535
[Index Terms]

The communicative economy of the workgroup: multi-channel genres of communication
Stephen Reder and Robert G. Schwab
Pages 354-368
[Index Terms]

Contextualism as a world view for the reformation of meetings
John Whiteside and Dennis Wixon
Pages 369-376
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Computer support for cooperative design (invited paper)
Susanne Bodker, Pelle Ehn, Joergen Knudsen, Morten Kyng and Kim Madsen
Pages 377-394
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