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YEAR: 2012
PERM. URL: http://gcc.upb.de/K-Pool/Sustainable_IBM_12SS
Modul W2540: Sustainable International Business Management in Multinational Corporations

LOGbook SS 2012

Lectures/Seminar sessions:
Monday 09:15-12:30 h
Room: P1.5.09

Dr. Pei Wang-Nastansky

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(Media access with IMT-Login of Univ. Paderborn)

Lecture Management:

  • 17.04.12 Clarification of Grading

    As outlined in the
    Modulhandbuch the grading for Modul W2540 is as follows:
    - The final grading (= Endnote) is based on the following:
      1. 10% - Class Participation/Mündliche Mitarbeit
      2. 50% - Presentation / Präsentation (one presentation during class hours, one final presentation: 25% for each)
      3. 40% - Final Report/ Abschlussbericht
      TOTAL: 100%

    - Both presentations and the final report are intended to be team-based work.

    - The final presentation and the final report will be about a case study in the context of international management issues (e.g. human resource, marketing, inter-cultural management, esc.). The case studies will be handed out to the team on 14.05. so that each team is going to have enough time to work on the specific case study.
  • 16.04.12 Change of schedule & change of location
    (1) Change of schedule, starting Monday 23.04.:
    Monday mornings 09:15 - 12:45 hSustainable_IBM_12SS_Media
    #3 MO 23.04.
    #4 MO 30.04
    #5 MO 07.05.
    #6 MO 14.05.
    #7 MO 21.05.
    Final seminar for presentation of semester project:
    #8 MO 18.06.
    (2) Change of location to TP9-1-01 (seminar room, 1st floor, building #9, in Technologiepark), starting Monday 23.04.
Hide details for 15.04.12 Block Seminar planned15.04.12 Block Seminar planned
  • 15.04.12
    We intend to offer the option of a
    block seminar for the lecture part. This will be discussed in the next lecture on Monday 16. Apr. 09:15 h
    Schedule for planned
    block seminar:

    Monday mornings 09:15 - 12:45 h
    #3 MO 23.04.
    #4 MO 30.04
    #5 MO 07.05.
    #6 MO 14.05.
    #7 MO 21.05.
    Final seminar for presentation of semester project:
    #8 MO 11.06.

    (Wir planen, die Veranstaltung als
    Blockseminar abzuhalten. Abstimmung darüber ist vorgesehen für Montag 16. Apr. 09:15 Uhr.)
Hide details for 02.04.12 Registration possible without PAUL02.04.12 Registration possible without PAUL
  • 02.04.12
    Interested students are welcome to still register for this module with Ms. Wang-Nastansky:
    PWN [at] gcc.upb.de

    (As you might know PAUL registration is currently blocked, only to avoid over-booking of this module.)

    InteressentInnen sind herzlich eingeladen, sich noch per eMail bei Frau Wang-Nastansky anzumelden:
    PWN [at] gcc.upb.de

    (Wie Sie vielleicht wissen ist die Anmeldung bei PAUL aktuell nur deshalb geblockt, um einen Überlauf des auf 25 TeilnehmerInnen beschränkten Moduls auszuschließen.)
Hide details for 30.03.12 Welcome - 1st lecture on Monday 02.04.1230.03.12 Welcome - 1st lecture on Monday 02.04.12
  • 30.03.12
    Monday 02.04.12: we will start with an introduction.

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