Lotus; Greif, Irene: STR113 - Collaborative Experience: New Product Ideas from Research, Lotus, Orlando 2002.

THEMES: Lotus\Lotusphere_200... | Greif, Irene
YEAR: 2002
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LABEL: Collaboration
PLACES: Orlando
THINGS: Extreme Blue | Mail | Research
TIME: 2002
    Extreme Blue Program for student internship
    Mail inbox as a collaborative place
    Persistent chat
    add-ons for SameTime
    Quickplace Companion Demo
    Browse together
    Activity Server: stores chat/persitent chat; notifications form quickplace

    Five key features areas for Integrated Reinventing Email
    1) Attention management
    2) Navigation via document relationships
    3) Access to people and related information
    4) Email as a collaborative place
    5) Integrated views of multiple inboxes and other collaborative stores