COOP 2002: Conference on design of Cooperative Systems and to the Integration of these Systems in Organizational Settings, Saint RaphaŽl, France, 4-7 June 2002, St. RaphaŽl 2002.

YEAR: 2002
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LABEL: CSCW | Groupware
PLACES: St. RaphaŽl
THINGS: Cooperation
TIME: 2002

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COOP 2002

The main goal of the COOP conferences is to contribute to the solution
problems related to the design of cooperative systems and to the
of these systems in organizational settings. The conferences are aimed
helping to improve:
∑ The comprehension of human interaction through and with
systems and other computational artifacts;
∑ The development of models of cooperation and cooperative work
different perspectives;
∑ The development of appropriate design methodologies and of new
technologies for cooperative work.
The COOP conferences are predicated on the conviction that cooperative
systems design requires deep understanding of cooperative work of groups
organizations, involving both artifacts and social practices.
We encourage submissions from researchers and practitioners in academia,

industry, consulting firms, and government and welcome papers reporting
research and case studies from all disciplines contributing to the field
cooperative systems design, including but not limited to: Computer
(Computer-Supported Cooperative Work, Information Systems, Group
Support Systems, Knowledge Engineering, Human-Computer Interaction,
Distributed Artificial Intelligence and Multi-agent Systems);
and Management Sciences; Sociology; Psychology; Ergonomics; Linguistics.

The previous COOP conferences (1995, 1996, 1998, 2000) solicited both
theoretical and empirical contributions on such topics as analysis of
complex work situations, conceptual frameworks for understanding
work, guidelines for modeling collective activities, methodological
for cooperative systems design and innovative and technological
For COOP 2002 the following issues are particularly topical:
∑ The gap between 'virtual' and 'material' artifacts in human
collaboration: How to bridge it, conceptually as well as
∑ Collaboration among mobile actors: The coordinative challenges
mobile interaction, coordination practices of mobile actors, novel
technologies to support mobile interaction.
∑ The WWW as a platform for cooperative systems: How to overcome
limitations of current web technologies.
∑ Changing work practices and organizations is the wake of
cooperative systems: Real-world exploitation and impact of cooperation
technologies (web-based communities, organizational uses of groupware,
intranet etc.)
This list of hot topics is not exclusive.
COOP 2002 conference will be held at the French Riviera, in Saint
France, 4-7 June 2002.

Co-Chairs, Program Committee
Kjeld Schmidt
Pascale Zaratť

Important dates
November 2sd, 2001 : Deadline for papers and workshops, posters and
doctoral colloquium submissions
December 17th, 2001 : Notification of papers , workshops , posters and
doctoral colloquium acceptance
February 1st , 2002 : Camera ready copy of papers , workshops ,
colloquium and posters due
June 4-6th , 2002 : COOP'2002 Conference

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Mark S. Ackerman, USA
Sebastiano Bagnara, Italy
Liam Bannon, Ireland
Peter Carstensen, Denmark
FranÁoise Darses, France
Sylvie DesprŤs, France
Giorgio De Michelis, Italy
Rose Dieng, France
Pierre Falzon, France
Gerhard Fischer, USA
Alain Giboin, France
Marie Pierre Gleizes, France
Jonathan Grudin, USA
Christine Halverson, USA
Christian Heath, UK
Jean-Michel Hoc, France
Erik Hollnagel, Sweeden
Laurent Karsenty, France
John King, USA
John C. McCarthy, Ireland
Gloria Mark, USA
Patrick Millot, France
Bernard Pavard, France
Wolfgang Prinz, Germany
Dave Randall, UK
Camille Rosenthal-Sabroux, France
David Sadek, France
Kjeld Schmidt, Denmark (Co-chair)
Carla Simone, Italy
Jean-Luc Soubie, France
Lucy Suchman, UK
Rťgine Teulier-Bourgine, France
Jonathan Trevor, USA
Yvonne Waern, Sweden
David Woods, USA
Volker Wulf, Germany
Manuel Zacklad, France
Pascale Zaratť, France (Co-chair)

Dr. Volker Wulf
Institute for Applied Information Technology (FIT)
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