UniMobilis/Perception: Informationsveranstaltungen über Assessment-Konzepte und -Software: "Perception" System - Fak WiWi: 07.11.02 und 15.11.02, Groupware Competence Center, Padeborn 2002.

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YEAR: 2002
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PLACES: Paderborn
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TIME: 2002

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Dear Colleagues:

WINFO 1 & WINFO 2/GCC of FB 5 will offer three information and introduction sessions of "Perception" e-Assessment software in the upcoming Wintersemester.
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Perception is:

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The Perception system is a stand-alone testing/exam tool adapted for e-Assesment with a variety of question-type choices meeting the typical needs of Higher Education institutions. The Perception modules consist of a MS Windows based authoring environment, a Web-Browser based administration tool, and a Web-Browser based testing environment for students supporting both, testing as well as final examination. Perception is developed and marketed by "QuestionMark Corp." based in USA & UK, with German representatives in Berlin. By many institutions it is considered as the leading computer based assessment environment.

Please note that the following sessions will be repeated twice. In other words, the three sessions are the same in content, but scheduled in different dates & times to meet your convenience. Please inform us by e-Mail (FB5 Intranet: to 'Pei Wang-Nastansky') about your intended participation. Thank you.

The information sessions are part of the project assignments within the "NoteBook-University" initiative which are carried out by FB 5. Wirtschaftsinformatik will run pilot projects in their upcoming CPS-examen in Wintersemester 2002/03.

We are looking forward to your feedback during the introduction sessions.

Pei Wang-Nastansky & Jörn Hoos

If you have questions don't hesitate to contact:

M.S. Pei Wang-Nastansky
Wirtschaftsinformatik 2/GCC - Universität Paderborn
Mail: 'Pei Wang-Nastansky' - Tel: +049--5251--60-3383 - Fax: +49-5251--60-3399

Dipl. Wirt.-Inf. Jörn Hoos
Wirtschaftsinformatik 1 - Universität Paderborn
Mail: 'Joern Hoos' - Tel.: +049 5251 60-3254 - Fax: +049 5251 60-3430

Protocol of Introduction to Perception ---- Get the Result:
        • Why Perception? (Not marketing for them). The process to choose Perception as an e-assessment tool.
        • The design/pedagogy aspect of Perception
        • The technology aspect of Perception
        • Current status
        • What is next?