Abramowicz, Witold; BIS: BIS 2002 - 5th International Conference on Business Information Systems, Call for Papers, Poznan, Poland, 24-25 April 2002, Poznan, Polen 2002.

THEMES: Abramowicz, Witold | BIS
YEAR: 2002


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BIS 2002 - 5th International Conference on Business Information Systems, Call for Papers, Poznan,...02.11.1999 15:52Angelika Bursig
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Subject: BIS 2002

                  Call for Papers


                       BIS 2002

                    Poznan, Poland

                     April 24-25, 2002


      submission deadline: December 15, 2001

* Business Intelligence
* Filtering
* E-business
* Process

* The Poznan University of Economics, Poland

* NTIE - Scientific Society of Economic Informatics,
* CEPIS - The Council of European Professional
 Informatics Societies
* GI - Gesellschaft für Informatik
* ISCA - International Society for Computers and
 Applications, USA

BIS 2002 International Conference invites researchers
and practitioners to submit papers that contribute the
results of research in business information systems as
well as papers that report on industrial IT projects.
The Program Committee particularly encourages presentations
of practical papers on industrial experience or on the
validation of prototype implementations. Topics are
restricted by the scope of the conference as defined
above and they include inter alia:

* Business Intelligence Track: Knowledge Management,
 Data Warehousing, Data Mining, Knowledge Discovery,
 Decision Support Systems, Integration of Information
 Systems, Web Warehousing, Web Mining, Balanced Scorecard
* Filtering Track: Information Filtering, Adaptive
 Filtering, Collaborative Filtering, Web Filtering,
 Knowledge Representation for Filtering, Textual and
 Multimedia Information Management Systems
* E-Business Track: electronic transactions and banking,
 commerce and payments on the Internet, standards,
 protocols, communication systems, virtual organizations,
 marketplaces, CRM
* Process Track: process-oriented organizations, workflow,
 information flow.

Geo-business Information System
Co-chairs: Maria Cobb - University of Southern Mississippi,
USA, Marcin Paprzycki - University of Southern Mississippi,
USA, Witold Abramowicz - The Poznan University of Economics,
Pan-European Legal Information Systems
Co-chairs: Erich Schweighofer - University of Vienna, Austria,
Tadeusz Tomaszewski, The Poznan University of Economics, Poland

* Long papers                   up to 5000 words
* Work-in-progress papers       up to 2500 words
* Tutorials                     half-day and one-day
* Special sessions              4 papers or more

* papers must be submitted  electronically to the Organizing
 Committee (bis2002@kie.ae.poznan.pl) in either Microsoft
 Word or RTF file format; we do not accept hard copies
* figures within the text should be in gray scale (max.11,8
 x 19,2 cm, incl. subtitle)
* language of publication: English
* about 60-word abstract should be included at the beginning
 of the paper
* the cover page must include title, authors' names,
 affiliations, complete addresses, and e-mail addresses
* following the paper's submission, it is automatically
 understood that all the organizational approvals for the
 publication of it have been granted to the Conference
* all panel, workshop, symposium members must register and pay
 the conference fee (note: only registered authors' papers
 will be included in the proceedings)
* the authors will prepare the final manuscript in time for
 its inclusion in conference proceedings and will present the
 paper at the conference


September  1, 2001    submission deadline for tutorial and
                     special sessions proposals
December 15, 2001     submission deadline for long and
                     work-in-progress papers
February  15, 2002    notification of acceptance/rejection
March  15, 2002       submission of final papers after correction
April 24-25,  2002    the conference


* Witold Abramowicz - The Poznan University of Economics,
Poland, (W.Abramowicz@kie.ae.poznan.pl)

* Marcin Paprzycki (special sessions coordinator) -
 University of Southern Mississippi, USA
* Jay E. Aronson, Terry College of Business, The University
 of Georgia, USA
* Andrzej Baborski - University of Economics in Wroclaw, Poland
* Ryszard Bonner - Mälardalen University, Sweden
* Wojciech Cellary - The Poznan University of Economics, Poland
* Peter Dadam - University of Ulm, Germany
* Ludoslaw Drelichowski - University of Technology and Agriculture
 in Bydgoszcz, Poland
* Marek Fertsch - Politechnika Poznanska, Poland
* Piotr Fuglewicz - Polish Information Processing Society, CEPIS,
* Andrzej Gospodarowicz - University of Economics in Wroclaw,
* Adam Grzech - Technical University of Wroclaw, Poland
* Hele-Mai Haav - International University of Estonia, Estonia
* Zdzislaw Hippe - University of Information Technology and
 Management, Rzeszow, Poland
* Lech Janczewski - University of Auckland, Australia
* Dimitris Karagiannis - Universität Wien, Austria
* Gary Klein - The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, USA
* Stanislaw Krzyzaniak - Institute of Logistics and Warehousing,
 Poznan, Poland
* Bernard Kubiak - University of Gdansk, Poland
* Karl Kurbel - Viadrina University, Frankfurt (Oder), Germany
* Henry Linger - Monash University, Australia
* Peter C. Lockemann - University of Karlsruhe, Germany
* Leszek Maciaszek - Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia
* Benjamin Martz - California State University, Chico, USA
* Heinrich C. Mayr - University Klagenfurt, Austria
* Marian Niedzwiedzinski - University of lodz, Poland
* Roumen Nikolov - Sofia University, Bulgaria
* Maria Orlowska - The University of Queensland, Brisbane,
* Mike Papazoglou - University of Tilburg, INFOLAB, Holland
* Jaroslav Pokorný - Charles University of Prague, Czech Republic
* Václav Repa - VSE Praha, Czech Republic
* August-Wilhelm Scheer - University of Saarland, Germany
* Evgueni  Solojentsev - IPMASH  RAN, St.Petersburg, Russia
* Eberhard Stickel - Viadrina University, Frankfurt (Oder),
* Janusz Stoklosa - Technical University of Poznan, Poland
* A Min Tjoa - Vienna University of Technology, Austria
* Jacek Unold - University of Economics in Wroclaw, Poland
* Joseph E. Urban - Arizona State University, Tempe, USA
* Thad Usowicz - San Francisco State University, California, USA
* Robert Winter - University of St. Gallen, Switzerland
* Viacheslav E. Wolfengagen - JMSUICE, Moscow, Russia
* Xindong Wu - Colorado School of Mines, USA
* Jozef Zurada - University of Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Andrzej Bassara, Agata Filipowska, Karol Ginter, Grzegorz
Glowacki, Tomasz Kaczmarek, Pawel Jan Kalczynski, Marek
Kowalkiewicz, Malgorzata Miklas-Kalczynska, Jolanta Skorwider,
Krzysztof Wecel, Marek Wisniewski

* For submissions: bis2002@kie.ae.poznan.pl
* For information on submission/proceedings:
 pjk@kie.ae.poznan.pl (Pawel Jan Kalczynski)
* For information on payment/accommodation:
* For reviewers: kaw@kie.ae.poznan.pl
 (Krzysztof Wecel)
* Registration and general information:

The Poznan University of Economics
Department of Computer Science
Al. Niepodleglosci 10
60-967 Poznan, Poland
phone:  +48/61/ 856 93 33
fax:    +48/61/ 856 93 34