GCC Teaching: Jazzed about e-workplaces?, in: Integrating e-Learning in Dynamic e-Workplaces, Paderborn 2004.

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YEAR: 2004
There are many views on how we will be working and learning in the future in a virtual world. For example, Ray Ozzie, the creator of Lotus Notes, positions his newest invention, Groove, as "intended for people who want to get together and jam -- to interact and improvise with each other." It is like playing Jazz.

For enterprises, only "being jazzed together" is not enough. In addition, they also need productivity, profitability and security. Today's business world has to face, amongst others, the following challenges: handling of an ever increasing flow of information, constant update of employee skills and knowledge, fast delivery cycles for new products on saturated and global markets, enacting of new production methods or service delivery concepts - all this in face of currently restrained budgets. One focal point of coping with these challenges is to considerably improve the ability of employees to handle the dynamics of these changes. From this HR perspective integration of learning and training into the workplace is a promising concept tried in many organizations. Current ideas evolve around a new kind of "e-workplace" where e-learning offerings and training processes are tightly integrated.

The objectives of this seminar:
  1. To articulate/explain different aspects/dimensions of e-workplaces in this context. (e.g. P2P, G2G, etc).
  2. To take an in-depth look at market examples (e.g. Groove, IBM Lotus Notes/Domino).
  3. To explore means & modes of integrating e-learning in e-workplaces.

Supported by:

M.S. Pei Wang-Nastansky

This seminar work will be conducted in English.