Nartovich, Aleksandr; IBM: IBM Redbook: IBM Framework for e-business: Technology, Solution, and Design Overview, SG24-6248, IBM 2001, pp. 472.

THEMES: Nartovich, Aleksandr | IBM\Redbook
YEAR: 2001
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LABEL: e-Business | ISO 9000
THINGS: Framework | Overview | Technology
TIME: 2001!OpenDocument
In a few short years, e-business has gone from a simple concept to an undeniable reality, and for good reason. It works for everyone: consumers, businesses, and governments. The primary values of e-business, such as cost savings, revenue growth, and customer satisfaction, are proving to be only the tip of the iceberg. Having realized the benefit of Web-enabling individual business processes, many companies now seek further Return On Investment (ROI) by integrating new and existing e-business applications and technologies. The key to their success is to find a way to give customers what they want without the expense of traditional business operations.

This IBM Redbook explains the IBM approach to creating e-business solutions. This book targets I/T specialists who want to learn about proven technologies, products, and solutions to build advanced e-business application. It also targets technical professional who are planning to take IBM Test 811, Designing e-business Solutions, and IBM Test 812, e-business Core Knowledge.

Some of the topics in this book include an overview of IBM Framework for e-business, its technologies, and products; security issues in e-business applications; and solutions for Customer Relationship Management, e-commerce, business integration, and Business Intelligence. The information in this book is designed to help you prepare for IBM Test 811 and IBM Test 812. This self-study certification guide includes helpful tips for taking the test and sample questions.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. IBM Framework for e-business
Chapter 3. IBM Framework for e-business products, technology
Chapter 4. Security
Chapter 5. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Chapter 6. E-commerce
Chapter 7. Business integration
Chapter 8. Business Intelligence
Chapter 9. Performance
Appendix A. Test tips
Appendix B. Competitive information