Glissmann, Susanne; Smolnik, Stefan; Schierholz, Ragnar; Kolbe, Lutz; Brenner, Walter: Proposition of an M-Business Procedure Model for the Development of Mobile User Interfaces, in: Brookes, Wayne; Lawrence, Elaine; Steele, Robert; Chang, Elizabeth (Hrsg.): Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Mobile Business (mBusiness2005), July 11-13, Sydney, Australia, IEEE Computer Society Press, Los Alamitos CA, Washington, Brussels, Tokyo 2005, pp. 308-314.

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YEAR: 2005

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In the design of desktop applications, developers successfully deploy structured software life cycle mod-els to simplify the development process. Applying these models in m-business often does not result in usable software. M-business applications differ from desktop applications mainly in their limited user interface as well as the new mobile and dynamic application con-text. Traditional software life cycle models do not con-sider these characteristics. Although, current mobile literature describes how m-business applications must be developed, they do not give structured guidelines for the development process of mobile user interfaces.

In this paper we propose an m-business procedure model for the development of mobile user interfaces. The model is based on established software engineer-ing and Human Computer Interaction design princi-ples. It is concretized with detailed development rec-ommendations regarding mobile issues and usability goals. An in-depth case study at a US software devel-opment company builds the basis for validation of the model’s practicability.