Michalski, Jerry: On Jerry Michalski 2003.

THEMES: Michalski, Jerry
YEAR: 2003
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LABEL: Release 1.0
ORGANIZATIONS: Edventuere Holding
PEOPLE: Dyson, Esther | Michalski, Jerry

Jerry Michalski took over from Esther Dyson as Editor of Release 1.0 and has done a very good job. He tends to write on matters that are more immediately in front of us than Esther does, and therefore a lot of people find him a little more accessible.

THE THINKER (Douglas Carlston)

Jerry Michalski

The Pilgrim

"People want to connect. They also want to make a living. Pretty simple. If they can do both at the same time, even better. How do people form community or a communion; how do they get this feeling of connectedness to other people? What kind of technology does it take; does it even work through technology? The answer is yes."

JERRY MICHALSKI is the managing editor of Release 1.0, the newsletter published, and originally written and edited solely by Esther Dyson. He brings a new degree of accessibility to the newsletter, concentrating on business models, platforms, interfaces, architectures, convergence-systems-business, and, from time to time, the spiritual.

From 1987 to 1998, I was a technology analyst, first with a small company called New Science Associates, then with Esther Dyson's company, EDventure Holdings; writing her newsletter, Release 1.0; and helping organize and host her annual conference, the PC Forum.

Since leaving Release 1.0, I have been writing and consulting, but putting little in the public sphere. As Ricky Ricardo would say, I have a little 'splainin' to do.

In 1998, I resigned from the newsletter, moved to San Francisco, married Jennifer Weissman and set up shop as Sociate (list clearly not in order of importance).

Since then, I have been consulting to corporations, giving speeches and advising companies large and small.  I also made small technology investments during the dot-com boom. 

My ongoing roles include: senior fellow at Cap Gemini Ernst & Young's Center for Business Innovation, adjunct faculty for the Wharton Fellows program and member of IBM's Personal Computing Industry Advisory Council.  I am an advisor to

Jennifer and I left San Francisco in August 2001 and started working our way around the world, traveling wherever our projects, curiosity and luck take us.  We are both for hire, and just spent the past few months working between San Francisco, the East Coast and Barcelona. Jen's company is PRQA; we've put a small chronicle of our travels here.  We're headed to Hong Kong next.

My principal interest is in the many ways that technology, business and society interact.  Most recently, I've been on a few quests:

    • to understand the effects on our society, economy and culture of the word "consumer,"
    • to help change the business of creativity and
    • to explore a few fundamental assumptions, such as scarcity. 
You won't see all of those themes here yet, because I'm building this site piecemeal -- sort of pouring it through my Weblog (below) and its mailing lists. The first real blog entry, The Flow, explains why and how. This site is in shakedown mode, so I apologize in advance if I break links later.

You can follow the navigation buttons on the left to find more detailed descriptions of my history and credentials, past writings and capabilities.  You will also find details about my public speaking, as well as short and long biographies