Morrison, David; IBM: IBM Redbook: Lotus Domino R5 for Linux on IBM Netfinity Servers, IBM 2000, pp. 378.

THEMES: Morrison, David | IBM\Redbook
YEAR: 2000
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THINGS: Linux | Netfinity | R5
TIME: 2000
This IBM Redbook focuses on the installation and configuration of Lotus Domino R5 for Linux using the IBM Netfinity
range of servers. It is intended for Linux novices with existing Domino and NT skills.

In the early chapters we focus on the detailed installation steps for some of the more popular distributions of Linux:
Red Hat, SuSE, TurboLinux, and Caldera onto the IBM Netfinity servers. We cover in detail the installation and
configuration of Netfinity-specific components such as ServeRAID, backup and recovery, NDIS and SMP.

We then describe the installation of Lotus Domino R5 on these distributions and show how to configure Linux in order
to optimize Domino R5. In these chapters we also explain which packages should, or should not be installed and
how to tune those that are installed to minimize the active number of threads being used.

We explain the powerful remote management functionality of both Linux and Domino on the Netfinity platform. Then,
through examples and technical tips we show the reader how to configure and manage the Domino for Linux server .

We describe using the advanced features of the Domino server such as running in a mixed clustered environment to
provide high scalability and fault tolerance to a Domino network. We look at configuring the Internet Cluster Manager
(ICM) to give load balancing to web users and also the backup options available through the new transactional
logging feature of Domino R5.
Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Installing Linux
3. Installing Domino for Linux
4. Security and Linux administration
5. Remote administration
6. Performance and scalability
7. Domino advanced services
8. Backup and recovery