XML: XML Topic Maps - April 10, 2003, Darmstadt 2003.

Mit Topic Maps steht nun eine Technologie zur Verfügung, die es erlaubt, Daten in Content Management Systemen und Knowledge Management Systemen in eine einheitliche Form zu bringen, ohne die notwendige Flexibilität zu verlieren. Auf der Veranstaltung "XML Topic Maps" soll dabei den Fragen nachgegan...

YEAR: 2003
Call for Participation
Call for participation

            "XML Topic Maps" Congress

                April 10, 2003
              Darmstadt, Germany

First German Topic Maps Congress at April 10, 2003
in Darmstadt

The first German Topic Maps Congress will take place
at April 10, 2003 in Darmstadt. The "XML Topic Maps"
congress is organized by ZGDV (
http://www.zgdv.de) -
well known for its successful series of XML congresses -
and sponsored by empolis (
Ten presenters (users, vendors, academics) will talk
about how Topic Maps work, available tools, how to
develop Topic Maps, how to visualize them, and how
to integrate them with the Semantic Web approach.
Real-world use cases will demonstrate various
applications of Topic Maps. The keynote, presented
by empolis CTO Stefan Wess, will provide the latest
trends and technologies for knowledge management and
explain the role Topic Maps play in the KM scenario. The
one-day congress will finish with a moderated panel
discussion giving the attendees the opportunity for a
lively Q&A session.

The congress language is German.

Find more information at:
(click on "Zeitplan der Veranstaltung" to view the
congress programme)

Looking forward to meeting you in Darmstadt!